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Global Payroll Success Story

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Companies often find processing payroll across multiple countries can be challenging and complicated by unique regulations, different processes in each country, and lack of data. One of my new clients was managing employees in 7 countries and was struggling with their payroll provider.

My client’s payroll provider was missing bank deadlines, which resulted in employees across all countries not getting paid for a month. There were several different wire transfers needed each month to pay employees across 7 countries, and service was a major concern. To complicate matters, there was no global reporting or integration with the company HRIS system, so my client could not view payroll in real-time or determine what issues were arising in the payroll process. The company was growing rapidly, and they had no support to set up business entities, bank accounts, and employment contracts. They also needed help with leaver requirements and received very little support from the payroll provider.

When I showed the team the Blue Marble payroll platform, WebGlobe, the team loved the technology and the ability to standardize the payroll submission process for all countries. They also were excited about our money movement services that allow Blue Marble to take one lump sum each month and distribute payroll funds in the local currency to each of our in-country payroll partners.

Blue Marble also has a consulting services team to assist with the entity and bank account set up where needed. Our hybrid service model gives their local payroll administrators access to in-country experts for immediate issue resolution and answers to any questions regarding payroll, tax, pension, and statutory requirements unique to each country. Blue Marble will allow them to scale as they grow organically and through acquisition while ensuring all requirements are set up in compliance with each new country.

As a result, Blue Marble has successfully streamlined their international payroll processes and “made our team look great in the eyes of management” per their HR Manager. As they continue to grow and bring on additional locations and entities, there will be a smooth process with all requirements in place.

If your team is struggling with multiple systems, lack of reporting and data, or service issues, we can help. Our payroll platform is designed to manage all of your employees in 150+ countries. With global consulting services, we can help you scale and set up business entities in new countries, create custom employment contracts, and more. Don’t let global payroll complications get in the way of your expansion efforts – we are here to help! Talk to us today about simplifying your global payroll and see how easy it can be.

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