Corporate Maintenance

Why is Corporate Maintenance Essential?

Corporate maintenance is crucial for a business, representing its annual commitment to stay in compliance with state or local government regulations. Each country has distinct requirements, ranging from annual fees to detailed reports on meetings. While it’s simple to uncover these prerequisites, the challenge lies in maintaining accurate records and meeting minutes. It becomes even more complex when overseeing a registered entity in multiple countries, necessitating record-keeping in two languages. This is where our global expansion experts step in, providing invaluable assistance in navigating these intricate tasks.

How Our Global Expansion Experts Help With Corporate Maintenance In Another Country

Aadmi offers a full bouquet of services associated with the corporate maintenance requirements of a different country. It is important to know all your options, so we can tailor the best solution for your business.

Aadmi can ensure your foreign-registered business is kept updated on local compliance laws and requirements, including corporate maintenance, thereby keeping you on the right side of local laws, avoiding penalties or suffering business interruption due to audits.
Aadmi’s global expansion experts are here to reduce the burden of running a foreign branch/entity for your business.

Company Secretary Services

A company secretary has crucial duties, many of which cannot be outsourced. One responsibility directly overlapping with corporate maintenance requirements is conducting meetings of shareholder, trustee, and board. They must keep records of all noteworthy decisions and other points the local regulatory body might be interested in.

By offering these services, Aadmi will help your foreign-registered entity comply with local corporate maintenance requirements.

Different countries have linguistic requirements for maintenance of local registration forms and documentation. Through our translation services, Aadmi will ensure that all legal documents, meeting notes, and corporate data are captured in the required local language, as well as the language of headquarters, so you can meet your in-country corporate maintenance requirements.

A registered office is your company’s corporate representation in a country. It has to comply with local laws and has to facilitate employment that is compatible with local norms. Hiring a dedicated resource may be unnecessary overhead, and one you can dispense with by outsourcing to a global expansion firm. Firms such as Aadmi have access to local expertise, making it more efficient for them to take on the responsibility of corporate maintenance for you.

Aadmi can help you hire local resources. Every country requires collection of different information on employees, ranging from background checks to drug tests, etc. When hiring employees on your behalf, Aadmi’s employee screening services can ensure adherence to the country’s corporate maintenance regulations.