Global Health Benefits

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Global Health Benefits

We have been operating in the global space for decades, and understand how challenging it can be to enter into a new market and support our employees as though we have been there for years.  The Aadmi Global Health Plan was created for just this purpose.  Just because you’ve committed to expanding into a new market, doesn’t mean that your employees should feel the burden.

The plan caters to a wide array of essential and exciting benefits. It allows for coverage of medically necessary expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring comprehensive support throughout this crucial phase, including prenatal and postnatal check-ups. This not only provides peace of mind but also underlines our commitment to your well-being. 

Moreover, the plan extends its exciting offerings to encompass outpatient care, ensuring that your medical needs are well-addressed even outside of a hospital setting. In addition, the provision for in-person or virtual mental health visits reflects our dedication to comprehensive care. Coupled with this, the plan offers coverage for complementary therapies, with a generous allocation per session, affirming our commitment to holistic wellness.

Moving beyond traditional health care, our plan also includes coverage for routine health checks, dental care, and eye exams, fostering a dynamic approach to overall well-being. From basic check-ups to more complex dental treatments and essential eye care, the plan is designed to elevate your experience and ensure comprehensive coverage for a diverse range of health and wellness needs.

Aadmi Global Health Plan

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(The Basics)

Aadmi Plan Benefits

Global Health Plan

The Aadmi community can benefit from global health insurance options:

  • Straightforward, affordable pricing structure
  • Medical history not considered; no pre-existing conditions check for plan members
  • Access to global plans and facilities
  • A unified offering available for residents of 175+ countries, accommodating both employees and contractors
  • No restricted networks – insurance can be utilized at any private or public hospital, or with any doctor worldwide, regardless of your location or travels.

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