Aadmi Expand

Global Expansion in a Box

Our clients utilize Aadmi Expand, our Software as a Service global expansion toolkit. With this platform, they can oversee global expansion projects, access registered office mail in over 150 countries, handle employee benefits enrollment, and initiate background checks or translations in more than 120 languages. This all-in-one solution simplifies the complexities of global expansion. Additionally, clients can realize the following benefits:

Global Coverage: Aadmi Expand offers global coverage, allowing businesses to expand their operations into new countries seamlessly.

Compliance Management: The platform provides comprehensive AML/KYC compliance management, ensuring adherence to local labor laws and regulations in various countries.

Risk Mitigation: The platform provides tools and resources to mitigate risks associated with international expansion, allowing businesses to navigate complexities with confidence.

Document Management: Aadmi Expand includes document management capabilities, enabling secure storage and retrieval of essential HR and compliance-related documents.

Global Expansion Projects Management: The platform facilitates the management of global expansion projects, ensuring streamlined oversight and coordination.

Registered Office Mail Access: Access registered office mail in over 150 countries, simplifying communication and administrative tasks for globally distributed teams.

Employee Benefits Enrollment Management: Efficiently manage employee benefits enrollment across different international locations, ensuring seamless coverage for all employees.

Background Checks and Translations: Initiate background checks or translations in more than 120 languages, streamlining essential HR processes on a global scale.

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