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European Union Flag with Money in front of it.

Investing in Europe: Opportunities and Insights

Investing in Europe has long been an attractive proposition for international investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and tap into one of the world’s largest and most dynamic economies. With a rich cultural tapestry, a history of economic stability, and a thriving business environment, Europe offers many investment opportunities. This article will explore the potential […]

Aerial drone view of beach resort hotels with pools, umbrellas and blue water of Atlantic Ocean, Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How to Open up a Branch in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a land of opportunities for businesses seeking to expand their operations in the Caribbean. Its strategic location, vibrant economy, and growing consumer market make it an attractive destination for foreign companies looking to establish a regional presence. Opening a branch in the Dominican Republic can be a lucrative venture. Still, it […]

Rotterdam city center, The Netherlands. Buildings and road directions.

Navigating Company Registration in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, renowned for its strategic location, robust economy, and business-friendly environment, attracts entrepreneurs from around the globe. Navigating the company registration process in the Netherlands is crucial for establishing a presence in this dynamic market. Understanding the Dutch business landscape is critical to a successful registration process.

Udaipur city at lake Pichola in the evening, Rajasthan, India. View from the mountain viewpoint see the whole city reflected on the lake.

Company Establishment in India: Key Insights

Setting up a company in India can be rewarding, given the country’s dynamic economy and vast business opportunities. However, navigating the complexities of company establishment requires a clear understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape. This article will overview the key steps and considerations for establishing a company in India.

Skyline of financial district in Las Condes with Los Andes Mountains in the back, Santiago de Chile

Employment Law in Chile: A Comprehensive Guide

Chile boasts a dynamic economy and a thriving job market. If you’re an employer or an employee in this South American nation, understanding the intricacies of Chilean employment law is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the critical aspects of Chilean employment law, including working hours, vacations, leaves, and other absences, to […]

The flag of Honduras.

Navigating Taxation in Honduras: Insights

Honduras, a country with a growing economy and a welcoming business environment, has increasingly become a destination of interest for companies looking to expand their operations. However, taxation is a crucial aspect that businesses must carefully navigate when operating in Honduras. In this article, we delve into the world of accounting and taxation in Honduras, […]

Image of Spain.

Setting Up a Subsidiary in Spain: Key Insights

Setting up a subsidiary in Spain can strategically expand your business into the European market. Spain offers a dynamic economy, a skilled workforce, and access to the European Union. However, the process can be complex, involving legal requirements, financial considerations, and cultural nuances. This article will explore the essential steps to establishing a subsidiary in […]

The Italian Flag.

Employment Laws in Italy

Italy, known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, has a complex framework of labor laws that significantly shape the country’s working conditions and policies. Understanding these laws is essential for businesses and employees seeking to navigate the Italian labor market and international contracts.

Global Payroll Online

Trends in Global Payroll

In the dynamic landscape of global business, the management of payrolls has undergone significant transformations. The advent of technology, changes in workforce dynamics, and the increasing complexity of international operations have given rise to emerging trends in global payrolls. Understanding these trends is crucial for businesses to adapt and thrive in the evolving world of […]

Dutch national flag waving on a boat in Rotterdam

Navigating Company Registration in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, renowned for its strategic location, robust economy, and business-friendly environment, attracts entrepreneurs from around the globe. Navigating the company registration process in the Netherlands is crucial for establishing a presence in this dynamic market. Understanding the Dutch business landscape is critical to a successful registration process.

Successful job interview, Image of Boss employer committee or recruiter in suit and new employee shaking hands and clap after good deal negotiation interviewing, career and placement .

Navigating Non-Resident Employers: Roles and Expectations

In an increasingly globalized job market, non-resident employers have gained prominence. Non-resident employers are entities that hire employees in a country where they don’t have a physical presence or are not incorporated. As businesses expand across borders, employment dynamics evolve, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for employers and employees.

Bridgewater Place and Leeds City Centre. Yorkshire Northern England United Kingdom.

Company Establishment in the United Kingdom

Establishing a company in the United Kingdom (UK) is an exciting venture, offering access to a global market and a business-friendly environment. However, navigating the company establishment process requires a clear understanding of the legal framework and regulatory requirements. This article will guide you through the essential steps and considerations in setting up a company […]

Key Corporate Compliance Requirements in Brazil

Key Corporate Compliance Requirements in Brazil

Brazil offers many business opportunities as one of the world’s largest economies. However, its intricate regulatory framework and tax system can be challenging for domestic and international companies. Understanding and complying with the country’s critical corporate compliance requirements is crucial to operate successfully in Brazil.

Duties of a Company Director

Duties of a Company Director

In the complex landscape of the business world, company directors play a pivotal role in ensuring the success and longevity of their organizations. They are entrusted with the responsibility of guiding the company toward its objectives, making strategic decisions, and upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. Let’s delve into the core duties of a […]

Subsidiary Setup in Portugal: Navigate Business & Legal

Subsidiary Setup in Portugal: Navigate Business & Legal

With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and growing economy, Portugal has become an attractive destination for businesses seeking to expand their operations in Europe. Setting up a subsidiary in Portugal can offer numerous advantages, but it also involves navigating complex legal requirements. This article will explore the key steps and legal considerations when establishing […]

Corporate Legal Compliance in New Zealand

Corporate Legal Compliance in New Zealand

New Zealand is known not only for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its well-established business environment. Whether you are a local entrepreneur or an international investor, understanding and adhering to corporate legal compliance in New Zealand, particularly in tax and accounting, is essential for a smooth and successful business operation.

Legal Business Entity in Australia

Ensuring Legal Compliance for Establishing a Business Entity in Australia

Starting and operating a legal business entity in Australia involves adherence to a complex set of legal compliance requirements. Whether you’re an Australian-based business or an international company expanding into the Australian market, understanding these regulations is crucial to ensure smooth operations and avoid legal pitfalls.

Setting up a Subsidiary in the United Kingdom: A Guide for International Companies

Setting up a Subsidiary in the United Kingdom: A Guide for International Companies

Expanding your business internationally can be an exciting opportunity for growth and increased market presence. The United Kingdom (UK) is a popular choice for many companies due to its strong economy, skilled workforce, and favorable business environment. However, before setting up a subsidiary in the UK, it is crucial to understand the local market and […]

Businessman and businesswoman celebrating success in office.

Enhancing Employee Value: Supplemental Benefits in Today’s Climate

In today’s competitive job market, offering a comprehensive employee benefits package is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. While traditional benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans are essential, supplemental benefits play a significant role in providing added value to employees. Supplemental benefits are additional perks beyond the basics, offering employees security and […]

Running a Payroll Process in Canada: Navigating Income Tax and Payroll Tax

Running a Payroll Process in Canada: Navigating Income Tax and Payroll Tax

Running a payroll process in Canada involves navigating the intricacies of income tax and payroll tax, making it crucial for businesses to understand the rules and regulations. As an employer in Canada, complying with the tax obligations related to employee compensation is essential to ensure legal compliance and happy employees. The Canadian payroll landscape can […]

Navigating Business Culture in Australia

Navigating Business Culture in Australia

Understanding and navigating the local business culture is crucial for success when doing business in Australia. While Australia may seem familiar to many with its English-speaking population and Westernized influences, its unique business practices and cultural nuances set it apart. From the laid-back and egalitarian approach to building solid relationships, Australian business culture presents opportunities […]

Skyview of Madrid

The Benefits of Setting up a Branch in Portugal or Spain

Setting up a branch in Portugal or Spain can be a strategic move for businesses seeking new avenues of growth. Both countries offer advantages that make them attractive destinations for expanding operations. From favorable tax incentives and a skilled labor force to a vibrant business ecosystem and access to European markets, Portugal and Spain present […]

Opening a Subsidiary in Europe: Expanding into a New Market

Opening a Subsidiary in Europe: Expanding into a New Market

Expanding into new markets is a strategic move that many businesses consider diversifying their revenue streams and mitigating risks associated with relying on a single market. Europe, with its diverse economies and solid consumer base, presents an attractive opportunity for companies seeking to expand their global footprint. Opening a subsidiary in Europe can provide businesses […]

Business in Panama: Prospects & Challenges

Business in Panama: Prospects & Challenges

Panama has experienced remarkable economic growth over the past decade, making it an attractive destination for business investment. The country’s strategic location as a bridge between North and South America and its stable political environment and business-friendly policies have contributed to its success. Panama’s GDP has consistently outperformed the regional average, driven by sectors such […]

How to Keep Your Business Compliant

How to Keep Your Global Business Compliant

Running a global business requires more than just providing quality products or services. It also entails staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of regulations and laws. This is especially true when it comes to tax laws and international regulations. To ensure your business remains compliant, seeking the guidance of legal professionals who specialize in these […]

Aerial top view Container carrier ship and business logistic commercial intermodal freight transport in import export

Why and How You Should Open an International Business

Opening an international business can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs and investors alike. The global marketplace offers many opportunities that can lead to significant growth and success.

Australian flag in Brisbane

Industry-Specific Regulations Required for Operating a Business in Australia

Every industry in Australia has its regulations, compliance, and license requirements that businesses operating in the sector must fulfill. Australia’s federal government imposes some of these requirements, while others are regional. The Australian Business License and Information Service (ABLIS) is the primary online resource for this information.

How to Convert a Contractor Salary to an Employee Salary

How To Convert a Contractor’s Salary to an Employee’s Salary

Many professionals begin their careers as contractors. Contractors enjoy the flexibility and independence that comes with a contractor position. However, as time passes, the desire for stability, benefits, and long-term growth opportunities may prompt contractors to consider transitioning to an employee role. Read below to understand the differences between contractor and employee and the factors […]

Value Added Tax

Value-Added Tax, What Is It, and Who Pays It?

What Is Value-Added Tax? Value can be added to goods and services at various supply chain stages. These stages cover everything from gathering raw materials to shipping the final product (for goods). Value-added tax can be applied at every stage any value is added to the products/services.

Independent Contractor Agreement

How to Avoid the Risk of Independent Contractor Misclassification

When you are running a business, hiring the right talent should be one of your top priorities. It is one of the most important assets your business can possess. However, it’s important to remember that “hiring” is a relatively flexible term. You can hire many professionals and leverage their talent to boost your business without […]

Financial Reporting Compliance

Financial Reporting Compliance

To ensure that a business is operating lawfully, adhering to good practices, and not violating the principles of a fair market, governments worldwide have various controls and reporting requirements in place. Financial reporting is a crucial piece of that puzzle, and it allows governments to keep track of the financial activities of businesses operating within […]

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Image

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Compliance

 Businesses operating in just one country must adhere to all the laws, rules, and regulations associated with conducting business there. This covers everything from labor laws to anti-corruption and bribery compliance.

Employee Benefits in Canada

Employee Benefits in Canada

Canada is a very flexible country for individuals to migrate to and for businesses to expand to, especially if you choose the right province to register your business. Besides ease and flexibility, businesses also benefit from an educated and motivated talent pool when establishing a presence in Canada.

UK office registration

Registering an Office in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most mature European markets and the second-largest European economy. Establishing a business presence in the UK has multiple benefits, including one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the G7 countries, though this may change soon. If you plan to register an office in the United Kingdom, here […]

Tax Compliance Guidelines

Tax Compliance Guide

What Is Tax Compliance? For a business, tax compliance is complying with the taxation requirement of the country in which you are operating. The primary components of tax compliance are:

Engage Anywhere Employer of Record Services

Press Release

Aadmi Announces Spin-Off EOR Service to Create Engage Anywhere Two Independent Entities Will Cater to High Demand for their Industry-Leading Services

forming a company in Canada

Company Formation in Canada – What to Expect?

Canada is one of the easiest countries to start a business, especially if you are planning to emigrate there. But even if you don’t move and simply wish to form a company in Canada, you have several options at your disposal.

Business in France

Important Steps to Take When Registering a Company in France

As the third-largest European economy behind Germany and the UK, France is a coveted destination for businesses expanding into Europe. Whether you want to start a presence in a European economy or are simply adding France to the list of markets to tap into, it’s essential to understand the necessary steps to register your company […]

Expanding Into New Global Markets

Expanding Into New Global Markets

Global Expansion – One of the most organic growth paths a business can take. It can be an expansion driven by operational opportunities like affordable skilled labor, proximity to potential markets, better supply chain, or abundance of certain raw materials. Or it may simply be a business expanding into a market where its products or […]

Corporate Maintenance

Why Corporate Maintenance Is Important

What Is Corporate Maintenance? Corporate maintenance is the practice of complying with the record-keeping requirements a country or a regional government imposes on a corporation. As the name implies, corporate maintenance is necessary for business entities that are legally considered “corporations,” so sole traders (or the country equivalent) and, in some cases, partnerships may be […]

VAT Registration

Expanding Into New Global Markets – What Is VAT Registration?

When you are expanding into global markets, one of the first things you need to look into is the tax system. From withholding tax laws for payroll to service taxes, there are several taxation requirements you must fulfill in order to operate in a new country.

Aadmi EOR of the Year

Aadmi Nominated for Employer of Record Organization of the Year 2022

Aadmi Aadmi is a full-service HR consultancy firm and a global expansion/retraction partner that companies can rely upon when expanding into or moving out of another country.

Hiring an employee

Hiring in a Foreign Country: What to Expect

Whether you have already expanded into another country and are hiring local resources or simply wish to draw from a foreign talent pool, there are a few things you need to know when hiring in a foreign country.

How a Nominee Director can be Utilized in your Global Expansion

How a Nominee Director can be Utilized in your Global Expansion

Regardless of the country, you are expanding to and from, global expansion is a relatively complex endeavor, which is why Aadmi is a great partner to support your expansion process. Even when shared cultures and languages make expansion socially easier for your business, there is still a matter of adherence to regulatory compliance and government […]

Hiring In India

Important Steps When Hiring in India

India has the second-largest labor force in the world, and it’s expected to reach the number one spot by 2027, taking over from China. Due to the increasing skills developments in India’s educational system, it has shed its reputation as a low-cost, outsourcing destination.

United Kingdom

Establishing an Entity in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom – one of the largest European and most mature global economies, is a major destination for businesses expanding their global footprint. It is also one of the most populous countries in Europe, making it an ideal market for businesses looking to establish a new market.

Outsourcing HR Connections

Building an Effective Employee Wellness Program

  It’s not surprising that company wellness programs are on the rise. Designing and managing an employee wellness program is an essential step in improving the health and productivity of employees.

Global Payroll Technology Sign

8 Things You Need To Know About Employee Rights in Bangladesh

  Bangladesh has been one of the recent preferred choices for new business owners, entrepreneurs, and large corporations looking to move manufacturing overseas. This has been mainly due to its huge population, much of which is below 30. This makes Bangladesh an attractive place to open a business.


A Guide to Starting A Business in Mexico

  Establishing a business in Mexico can be a lucrative option for investors who are considering the Americas as a market. Not only can you benefit from low operating costs in Mexico, but you also easily access markets in Latin America, the United States and Canada.

China_Building _View

What Do You Need to Know Before Starting A Business in China?

When it comes to moving manufacturing to another country, China is the premier destination. It offers the perfect combination of cheap but skilled labor, political stability, stable currency, powerful infrastructure, and an excellent supply chain. A lot of countries move the key part of their production line (especially manufacturing) to China and retain segments like […]


A Guide to Starting a Business in Brazil

Starting and running a business in Brazil requires you to effectively navigate the incorporation process. We have prepared this guide, where we will be dividing this process into five brief and clear steps, specifying the tasks involved at each step.

Canada_Lake _View

A Brief Guide to Starting a Business in Canada

While most people might move to Canada to seek employment opportunities, some decide to start a business and become employers themselves. However, the process of establishing a business or a company in any foreign country can feel confusing or overwhelming.


A Guide to Starting a Business in Kenya

  According to a Kenya National Bureau of Statistics survey, the country has around 7.5 million small businesses. Furthermore, the growing trend of business-minded entrepreneurs starting their own venture in Kenya isn’t going to slow down any time soon, thanks to a boom in high-speed internet connectivity and deeper penetration of cellular network providers. They […]

Canada_Mountain view

Differences Between Hiring an Employee and an Independent Contractor in Canada

  If you’ve just started a Canadian business that’s doing well, you might have considered hiring employees in Canada. Since these are going to be your first hires, it pays to educate yourself on some of the important aspects of hiring a new workforce. For instance, what is the difference between hiring an employee and […]

Trade across Borders

A Comprehensive Guide to Employing Workers Across Borders

    A Comprehensive Guide to Employing Workers Across Borders The global business landscape is vastly different from what it was a few decades ago. The advent of the internet, the rise in the global population, and the increase in free trade have played a major part in bringing about this paradigm shift.


A Guide to Starting a Business in Belgium

  Located right at the heart of the European market, Belgium is the second-most densely populated European region that hosts over 140 million consumers within a 300-mile radius. This beautiful country, known for its architecture, is often seen as the crossroads of Europe and is home to some powerful decision-making institutions, including the headquarters of […]


A Guide to Starting a Business in Italy

  Italy is famous for many brands across a wide range of industries, and despite its reputation for red tape, bureaucracy, corruption, a rigid labor market, it remains an attractive destination for many entrepreneurs.


A Guide to Starting a Business in Ireland

  Setting up a new business is an exciting yet intimidatingexperience, especially if you’re launching a venture in a new country. If you’re considering setting up a business in Europe, Ireland is a great place to live and work for foreigners. As the heart of the European Union, the country has the potential to support […]


A Guide to Starting a Business in Spain

  Spain has a great business landscape that encourages entrepreneurs from across the globe to start their initiatives here. With great infrastructure, a talented labor force, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem, Spanish cities like Barcelona or Madrid, are attractive places to kick-off your business venture.

A Guide to Starting a Business in South Africa

A Guide to Starting a Business in South Africa

  All you need is one good idea to kick start your entrepreneurship journey. Starting a business has many highlights, rewards, and aspirations, but there’s some real work to be done when you’re trying to get started. Starting a business in South Africa begins with building the right foundation that can help ensure you have a […]

Argentina Buildings

A Guide to Starting a Business in Argentina

    With a recorded GDP of US$388.28 billion in 2020, Argentina is considered one of the leading economies in Latin America. Argentina is home to educated citizens, along with a growing middle class population, making it a great investment destination with growth potential for many businesses. Since the current complex legal system of the […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Starting A Business in France

  France is the third-largest economy in Europe and the seventh-largest in the world. The three most significant components of the country’s economy are tourism, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. It’s home to some of the largest automobile manufacturers, the second-largest aerospace manufacturer (Airbus), and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (Sanofi).


A Guide to Starting a Business in Germany

  Recently, Germany has emerged as one of the most flourishing startup destinations across the world. However, this was not always the case. In fact, 2006’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s report stated that Germany lacked an entrepreneurial mentality, reflected by the poor rate of startups in comparison to its population size.


A Guide to Starting a Business in Colombia

  If you are eyeing South America for your new business, Colombia’s flexible legal system certainly makes the country an excellent entrepreneurial choice. The Colombian government is driving an emphatic agenda to make the country more welcoming for foreign entrepreneurs and investors.


A Guide to Starting a Business in the Philippines

  Increasing urbanization, middle-class growth, and a considerably young population mean that the Philippines has an economic dynamism created on the basis of powerful consumer demand through an improvement in real incomes and the robustness of the country’s remittances. In addition, industrial and technological development has allowed businesses to transform and improve, and has led […]

United Kingdom

7 Benefits of Starting a Business in the UK

  The United Kingdom (UK) is home to numerous multinational companies – and for good reasons. The UK offers businesses the chance to reach out to many different kinds of customers, along with the opportunity to join hands with many other countries throughout Europe. Research shows that a UK-based company can gain access to more […]

Argentina Ice Mountain View

Essential Steps to Start a Business in Argentina

With a GDP of approximately US$ 519 billion as of 2018, Argentina is one of the largest and most prosperous Latin American economies. Realizing the massive potential for foreign investment, the Argentine government is putting great efforts to ease the bureaucratic procedures for entrepreneurs looking to turn to Argentina for their businesses. Thanks to a […]


A Guide to Starting a Business in Sweden

  Sweden’s open economy and ease of conducting business make it a highly attractive destination for innovative entrepreneurs. In this guide, we will be covering the basic steps that you need to take in order to initiate a business in Sweden:

New Zealand Water Mountain View

A Guide to Starting a Business in New Zealand

If you are a foreign national looking to start a new business in the country of New Zealand, the road ahead can be quite smooth. New Zealand is known for its low business restrictions, significant monetary advantages, and high levels of regulatory efficiency and transparency. New Zealand’s government has armed local and foreign entrepreneurs with […]


A Guide to Starting a Business in the Netherlands

  Are you considering the Netherlands for your new business? If so, you need to be aware of the various government laws as well as other regulations that are necessary for successful and compliant operations. Thankfully, this guide will help you learn the essential steps in order to get a business registered in the Netherlands.


A Guide to Starting a Business in Nigeria

  Nigeria, thanks largely to its massive oil and gas production, claims one of the largest economies in Africa. Over the past decade, the nation has enjoyed a 6.9% GDP growth, and is currently the African FDI’s (Foreign Direct Investment) largest beneficiary.


A Guide to Hiring An Independent Contractor Abroad

When expanding into new territories, you may not wish to commit the level of resources required immediately. In such instances, hiring an independent contractor abroad can be a cost-effective solution. It allows you to set up operations to test the viability of your business without deploying large-scale assets.

Sky View of City

A Guide to Managing a Global Team

Teamwork makes the dream work right? It’s a story as old as time itself. The better the individuals that make up your team, the greater the success you can achieve. With globalization in full swing, you may find your best talent overseas.


A Guide to Starting a Business in India

  Starting a business can often feel challenging and exhausting. Yet, successfully executing this venture can prove immensely beneficial for both your company as well as for the economy of the country that you choose for your operations.

Chilies _Indonesia

Understanding the Basics of Starting a Business in Indonesia

  Establishing a business in Indonesia comes with many benefits due to the country’s growing economy and free trade agreements with regional neighbors. It is the fourth most populous country in the world with a burgeoning middle class, providing a large potential market for your products or services.


A Guide to Starting A Business in Japan

  Japan’s economy is the third-largest in the world and is predicted to continue its role as an economic powerhouse intothe future. The country is known as the “gateway to Asia” as you can gain access to the rest of the continent by establishing a foothold in Japan.

Global Mechanics

Post-Brexit: Implications for Multinational Companies

  An old Chinese proverb (or curse) says ‘May you live in interesting times.’ One of the most interesting and biggest political shocks to come out of Europe in well over 5 decadeswas the news that the United Kingdom had voted to removeitself from the European Union.

Why Do Business in Argentina? 8 Excellent Reasons?

Why Do Business in Argentina? 8 Excellent Reasons?

  If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, then you may be wondering what business venture to take on, and even more importantly, where you will flex your entrepreneurial muscles. If you are like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, you have probably thought about South America as a good place to start and […]


A Guide to Starting a Business in Poland

  If you are considering starting a business in Poland but are not sure how to go about it, understanding all the essential steps about initiating a Polish entrepreneurial venture will help youget the ball rolling.

Europe Globe

5 Tips for Starting a Business in Europe

Starting a business in a foreign country comes with its own set of challenges. As a continent with 44 small countries and 26 countries falling under the Schengen area, Europe is a dream for many business owners. Therefore, setting up a business here certainly opens up doors to many opportunities.

E-Commerce Opportunities in Poland

The ABCs of Starting A Business In The UK

The United Kingdom has the sixth-largest economy in the world. For North American businesses, the UK can act as a “gateway” to Europe and Asia. But its economy and geographical location aren’t the only reasons why the UK is a great place to start a business as a foreigner (or for international expansion).


A Guide to Starting a Business in Singapore

  Thanks to Singapore’s positive business ambience, the Lion Capital is becoming the go-to destination for new and innovative entrepreneurs. One of the biggest benefits that businesspeople in Singapore can enjoy is the double taxation agreements that the country has entered into with numerous other nations (more on this later). In addition, Singapore offers a […]

Tasmania_ Australia

The Basics of Starting a Business in Australia

Starting a business can be as terrifying as it is exciting. On the one hand, you cannot wait to be able to be your own boss and pursue your dream and passion. On the other, you are now faced with a mountain of things that you need to get done in order to ensure the […]

Labor Workers

Global Expansion: 12 Countries with The Most Affordable Labor

When expanding your business to another country, there are a plethora of different factors you have to consider, starting with why you are moving there in the first place. Do you want to capture the local market, harness local talent or some natural resource, take advantage of the local infrastructure or geographic location, or you […]

7 Human Resource Policies for Your Indian Business

Whether you own a small-scale startup or a multi-million dollar firm, compliance with human resource policies is essential. The HR department establishes the procedures, codes of conduct, and other rules and regulations that the employees have to adhere to.

Bangladesh City Overview

11 Tips to Make Your Business a Success in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is strategically located on the world map and has a fast-growing economy. It also houses a massive youth population, providing a large market for your products or services.

China City Overview

5 Challenges of Doing Business in China and How to Overcome Those Challenges

China’s market has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, making the country’s economy the second largest in the world. Foreign companies are increasingly venturing into China, either via direct investment or through cross-border transactions.

Employment and Labor Code in Germany

The uniform interest of labor law is to protect the interests of employees’ obligations, rights, and responsibilities. The primary function of implementing labor laws is to provide equal opportunities to all employees, improve employee well-being and mental health, and provide safe working conditions without harassment or discrimination. The labor code in Germany is divided into […]

SkyTower Buildings

The Entrepreneurship Debate – The USA vs. Singapore

Both the United States and Singapore have fast-growing economies with substantial potential for foreign investment. They are known for their competitive business environment and ease of doing business. But they are, of course, quite different from each other. The US offers a massive consumer market with a population of 328 million. Household spending in the […]

Global Payroll Technology Sign

Helping Your Global Teams Simplify Payroll

Payroll teams are usually overwhelmed by global payroll due to keeping up with local regulations, lack of reporting, and no control over the monthly process. In order to manage payroll effectively in any country, access to information is the key to success. If you don’t have the tools and reporting to view payroll in real-time, […]

Singapore City Water View

Top 5 Questions about Payroll in Singapore

Singapore payroll guidelines and regulations are relatively transparent when compared with that of neighboring countries. However, managing and understanding Singapore payroll can still be difficult, especially for small to mid-sized Singapore companies trying to process payroll in-house when there is limited manpower.

China Great Wall

Labor Rights in China

The labor law of China is designed to protect the rights of employees and employers in an industry. The law gives workers the right to equal opportunity in terms of pay and promotion and provides a legal framework covering a broad range of employment-related legal issues.

Morocco City Over Water

4 Reasons to Start a Business in Morocco

Due to its reassuring macroeconomic status and an economy that’s performing well, Morocco has been able to attract quite a bit of investment recently. Although Morocco is much cheaper than Tunisia and Egypt, it certainly offers a much higher standard of living. Besides its astonishingly great labor force potential, Morocco offers the opportunity to enjoy […]

Payroll Sign

Global Payroll Reporting Must-Haves

The phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” is usually not used in global payroll conversations – but what if “what you don’t know” is hurting your business and bottom line? Payroll reporting in the US is pretty straightforward – you can easily view what you’ve paid employees and it’s all in US dollars. […]

U.S. City Overview

Federal Laws that Protect U.S. Employees

The past 100 years have seen a lot of progress in employee protection in the United States of America (U.S.), especially in cases of job safety, benefits, hiring, and promotions. The 20th century encouraged employees to push for their rights, causing the establishment of essential labor protection laws that millions of Americans trust, even today. […]

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition: The Dos and Don’ts of Global Expansion

If you are expanding your reach to a different country and setting up outreach programs to harness local talent, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. Avoiding common mistakes and following the best practices will ensure that you get smooth access to top local talent and don’t run into […]

Global Business Operations

Easing Global Business Operations Challenges

If you look at all of the components of managing a global business at once, you can quickly be overwhelmed with the logistics, plans, and compliance issues. With the right research and tools, your global operations can easily run smoothly within the local in-country requirements.

Bermuda Beach under cliff

Employment Laws in Bermuda

The employment laws in Bermuda are governed by the Employment Act 2000. This ensures that employees are protected while being provided a fair remuneration for their efforts. Here are some of the employment laws in Bermuda:

7 Payroll Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

7 Payroll Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

For many employees, the three magical words that make their world a little bit more beautiful are, “Today is payday.”  Of course, a payday is a joyous event for almost every worker, but what about the people at the other end of the spectrum? They need to ensure that the payroll goes as smoothly as […]

India Hill View

What Do You Need to Know About Payroll in India?

One of the world’s fastest-growing economies and one of the most populous countries in the world, India is a great place to expand your business for one main reason: access to affordable and competent talent. With 1.4 billion people, India is just behind China when it comes to population, and unlike China which is a […]

Labor Laws Book

Why Understanding Labor Laws Is So Important

Labor laws are designed to empower as well as protect workers. They ensure that employer-employee relations are monitored, allowing both parties to be held accountable for their actions.

Belarus City Water View

Business Interruption in Belarus

Following the August 2020 elections in Belarus, protests began in opposition to the election of Lukashenko, who has been president since 1994. Worker strikes and protests due to the election are impacting the country’s labor and economic outlook. Amnesty International reports that the government is pushing back against private trade unions through arrests and other […]

Global Business People

Business Recovery and Global Expansion

As more economies around the world open up and companies bring employees back to the office, global expansion plans that may have been put on hold last year are now taking shape. It can be challenging to know where to start, but here are some key factors to consider when expanding your operations into new […]

Blue Payroll Sign

5 Countries with The Most Complex Payroll Requirements

Europe tends to take the top spot when it comes to “regions” or “continents” with the most complex payrolls. Thanks to the complexities of navigating multiple layers of European Union regulations and financial landscape, several European countries tend to be where it is most difficult to run a payroll, especially for a foreign business expanding […]

Digital Technology Galaxy

How are Digital Technologies Transforming Labor Laws?

Technology is changing the way people look at work today. Digital technologies have led to remarkable flexibility in how, where, and when we work- especially during times like the present when the entire world is going through a global pandemic requiring flexible work policies.

Translation Services

4 Benefits of Using A Translation Service for Your New Business

Establishing a global business entails making it marketable to several kinds of clients in a manner such that communication barriers do not come in the way. Therefore, hiring translation services can help fulfill a variety of the communication needs of your business.

Women in the Worplace

Best Countries for Women to Work

In some countries around the world, women are underpaid for the same job as their male counterparts. They are made to work overtime without any compensation, and breaking through the glass ceiling is made to be very difficult.

Global Payroll With Computers

Preparing your Global Payroll for Year-End Reporting

As the end of the year approaches, companies need to prepare for payroll and tax reporting requirements in each country. If you are managing payroll in multiple countries, this is no easy task – there are varying tax years, different reporting requirements in each country, and payroll and compliance regulations to factor into your plans. […]

Portugal City Overview

Non-Habitual Residency in Portugal and Its Tax Benefits

Portugal is a popular destination for tourists everywhere. People come from all over the world to take in the lush beaches, rich culture and history, and beautiful architecture that the country has to offer. Did you know that there are also numerous financial opportunities for you to take advantage of in Portugal?

United States Big City

Why the US Has Been Ranked as One of the Worst Countries for Workers’ Rights

The United States of America is the world’s largest economy and contributes about 24% to the world’s GDP. With a population of 330 million people, the US is also home to a large number of foreign talent and migrant workers who come to this ‘land of opportunities in search of better jobs and lives for […]

Global Map with Pointing Finger

Global Expansion Considerations

You’ve had success in the US market, but now it’s time to reach new clients, increase growth and profits, and diversify. What are some key factors to consider before you make a move to another country? Many companies want to expand, but they don’t understand the complexity of moving operations into a new country and […]

Canadian Waterfall

Digital Tax in Canada: What You Need to Know

Digital goods and services make up a large portion of modern-day consumers’ life. From Netflix to complex enterprise software, we are all using digital products more than ever before. As the focus shifts from traditional, physical goods and services, businesses have to adapt. Naturally, the government has to adapt to this new environment as well.

India Water Hut

Government Regulated Termination in India

No one enjoys getting fired, but what if your country made it difficult for you to get fired without just cause? In India, companies with more than 100 employees can’t fire an employee without government permission! Read more about business in India here.

E-Commerce Opportunities in Poland

When it Comes to Global Operations, Change is Good

Companies that manage global employees and payroll sometimes believe that the status quo is better than making any changes. But when you’re talking about global operations and payroll, what you don’t change could be hurting your organization. Evolving regulations and in-country requirements not only put your company at risk for fines and penalties but mismanaging […]

Indonesia Mountain Skyline

8 Things You Need to Know Before Expanding to Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its plethora of beaches, jungles, delicious cuisines, and, of course, business opportunities. The country belongs to the list of G20 members, which means it is one of the best destinations for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand businesses.

Child Labor in Bangladesh

Facts About Child Labor in Bangladesh

Although a relatively small country geographically, Bangladesh has the eighth largest population in the world (168 million), a GDP of $274 billion, and a thriving export industry for manufactured goods, including textiles, electronics, leather, and jute. However, child labor is unfortunately still very prevalent and contributes to the success of Bangladesh’s economy thus far. Here […]

Corporate Maintenance Tools

Understanding the Importance of Corporate Maintenance

The bigger your business grows, the more complicated it becomes to manage it. The complexity not only arises from running daily operations but in terms of governance as well. Just think about it. When you were a small startup, there were probably a handful of things you needed to handle. But, as your business progressed […]

Multinational Map with Money Border

How Multinational Companies Drive Change

Multinational companies face many challenges as they begin and maintain operations in new countries. Language barriers, business customs, and hiring new employees are just a few of the hurdles. Managing costs, maintaining compliance, and having a clear view of the overall operations is an ongoing struggle for most companies. But what makes global companies unique […]

Thailand Forest Water View

5 Benefits of Doing Business in Thailand

If you are looking at Asia for your next business, the South East Asian kingdom of Thailand could be your best option. Thailand’s vibrant culture and sandy beaches make for a robust tourist industry. Establishing a business in Thailand could offer you numerous advantages – some of which we will be discussing here.

Remote Work

Technology and Working Remotely

The majority of my career has been in business-to-business sales. While I have worked in more than one industry, the one constant has been a continual evolution of how we interact with our prospective and current clients.

Bahamas Ocean View

9 Pros and Cons of Doing Business in the Bahamas

A range of islands, a mere 50 miles off the Florida coast, make up The Bahamas. While the Bahamas is known for its blue oceans and sandy seashores, the region also has several other benefits and drawbacks to establishing a business there which we will be discussing here.

Australia Water Cliff View

Employment and Labor Law in Australia

Australia is the world’s 6th largest country in land size. It is the largest country in Oceania, which comprises 14 independent nations (including New Zealand and other small Pacific island countries).

Singapore City and Water

14 Cultural Tips for Your Singapore Startup

A lot of modern-day business is conducted in Southeast or East Asia. Entrepreneurs from all across the globe converge on nations like China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. These countries or nations, as well as their neighbors, are wealthy economic engines and play a crucial role in propelling trade with other countries across […]

Mexico Outsourcing

Mexico’s New Labor Law Amendment On Outsourcing

In April of 2021, Mexico’s Federal Government amended several provisions of the Federal Labor Law. The goal of these amendments was to essentially prohibit employer subcontracting or “outsourcing,” which the law defines as “when a natural or legal person provides or makes available their own workers for the benefit of another.”

Corporate Establishment City Photo

3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Address for Your Registered Office

Starting a business is an exciting time for young entrepreneurs and upcoming business people, but there are many things you need to consider before choosing a registered office. Most importantly, you need to consider acquiring investment, having a business model, and how you’re going to cater to your intended market.

Global Mechanics

How Multinational Companies Drive Change

Global companies face many challenges as they begin and maintain operations in new countries. Language barriers, business customs, and hiring new employees are just a few of the hurdles. Managing costs, maintaining compliance, and having a clear view of the overall operations is an ongoing struggle for most companies. But what makes multinational companies unique […]

Norway Water Mountain View

A Guide to Starting a Business in Norway

If you are planning on starting a business in Norway, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will tell you everything there is to know about how to start a business in Norway, what the prerequisites are, what obligations you’d need to meet and what it’s like living in Norway.

Bangladesh Female Workers Rights

How Are Female Workers in Bangladesh Protected by the Law?

Workers all around the world are protected through the right to form a union, along with promises of equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. Core labor standards have been set out by the International Labor Organization (ILO) that member states, including Bangladesh, must follow. This is so that workers are given the freedom […]

Denmark Valley View

Why is Denmark Considered One of the Best Countries for Doing Business?

The World Bank’s decision to continually rank Denmark as Europe’s best country for business is easily justifiable. It is a free-market capitalist economy with a flourishing business environment that welcomes all. According to the Doing Business organization, Denmark ranks 4th in the world and 1st in Europe for its ease of doing business.

Global Payroll Changes

Is it Time to Make a Change to Your Global Payroll Operations?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your global payroll operations? Do you have real-time access to your payroll data across all countries and currencies? Is your multi-country payroll all on one platform? Is there help available when you need it?

Outsourcing HR Connections

A Complete Guide to Outsourcing Your Human Resources

Owning and operating a small or medium-sized business involves wearing many hats on your job. Employees do so much more than performing their specific tasks like doing all the admin work, taking charge of the HR responsibilities, including keeping a count of absences, taking care of the payroll, training the new recruits and drafting all […]

Canadian Mountain Water View

A Guide to Starting a Business in Canada

Planning your new Canadian business might appear overwhelming at the start. For this reason, it is essential you tackle one step of the process at a time – something this guide with help you with. We will be discussing the steps involved in starting a new business in Canada. Now, while the steps are outlined […]

Globe on Computer

Payroll Success in 10 Countries

Managing payroll and HR for employees across 10 countries is challenging, but when your systems are not working and not working together, it becomes impossible. One of my clients was facing tax filing issues and service concerns with their current payroll provider and had no transparency or integration between HR and their international payroll. Compliance […]

Paternity Leave

7 Countries with the Best Paternity Leave

Parental leave across the globe ranges from a total of three years to nothing at all. Paternity leave is an important topic to address as there are still several countries that do not offer fathers the same benefits as mothers. Many countries make the leave flexible by offering it as parental leave and open to […]

Global Payroll Calculator

Business Disruption and Global Payroll

Multinational companies have quickly learned in the last month that business disruption can happen at any time and under many circumstances, especially when it comes to Global Payroll. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned operations upside down and companies have had to provide a variety of services to employees to keep the business going in the […]

HR Consulting

How Outsourcing HR Can Benefit Your Business

Outsourcing HR operations has become a common practice today and there’s a good reason why! Apart from helping business owners save money, time and allowing focus on their key operations, it offers a wide range of other benefits, too. The human resources departments deal with your company’s employees. And if you think about it, they […]

Qatar City Water View

Labor Laws in Qatar

Due to Qatar’s strong infrastructure and expanding economy, hundreds and thousands of expatriates have been looking to move there and restart their lives and careers with their families. Today, there are two million people who have found work in Qatar. Lately, the government has been making it a point to ensure the welfare of guest […]

Global Expansion Ipad

4 Things to Consider Before Expanding a Business Internationally

A few things for you to consider before expanding a business internationally to ensure smooth transition! Once your business is booming in your home country and you want it to grow even more, going across borders can be the way to go. But as thrilling as the idea of expanding your business internationally sounds, it […]

China City View

New Data Protection Legislation in China

Following the guidelines of GDPR in the EU, China has made new updates to the draft of the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) for processing and transferring personal information across Chinese borders. This new legislation will regulate personal information processing and transfers to regulate entities across borders as well as within China.


Expanding Your Business to The Asia-Pacific: Common Employment Law Concerns

The Asia-Pacific region consists of countries located along the Western Pacific Ocean. It is an umbrella term that includes East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. Countries in the region feature well-developed corporate infrastructures, densely populated markets, and world-class technology. With rapid GDP growth, Asia-Pacific economies are quickly outstripping the growth of western markets. […]

Saudi Arabia City View

Saudi Arabian New Labor Reforms Changes

A labor reform initiative (LRI) was launched by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development on November 4, 2020. The purpose behind this was to make changes to the present sponsorship system that lays down rules and regulations for foreign worker mobility in Saudi Arabia.


5 Best Countries in Europe for Business Expansion

If your business is rapidly growing and you are planning an international business expansion, you might find yourself researching the best countries for expansion. A lot of factors go into choosing the right one.

Global Threats

Global Threats Impacting Operations Overseas

From worker protests to political unrest, natural disasters or the threat of a new pandemic, there are challenging obstacles for multinational companies to deal with each year. How do you keep employees safe, maintain operations, and focus on business goals when there are many unforeseen threats beyond your control?

Dubai City View

Why Dubai Should be Your Next Location for Business Expansion

Are you planning a business expansion but are unsure of where your next location should be? We get it! Making such a huge decision is no joke because your next business location has to be a business-friendly location. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be that attractive option for business expansion.

Kenya Red Road

Employment Benefits in Kenya

When choosing a new job, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. For some, these may include a shorter commute, while for others, the benefits that a company provides may play a bigger role. The labor laws in Kenya have been beneficial for many employees who work there. In this article, […]

Brazil City Water Mountain View

Understanding the Complexities of Payroll Compliance in Brazil

Brazil is the ninth-largest economy in the world and is growing in appeal for foreign investors. While payroll compliance in Brazil is complex, you can get a good general idea about it after reading this article. The country is among the most populous countries in Latin America, offering a wide consumer base for your products […]

Blue Marble Global Expansion

Best Practices for Global Growth in New Countries

Setting up new operations in a new country can be a very exciting time for your organization’s growth; It can also be incredibly challenging. Here are a few best practices when moving into a new market or country:

Bangladesh City View

Payroll Compliance in Bangladesh: Important Local Laws And Practices You Need To Know About

Expanding your business to Bangladesh provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of low production costs and gain a massive consumer base owing to the country’s rapidly growing population. Bangladesh is strategically located near India, China, and the ASEAN markets, making further expansion convenient.

Austria Mountain Water View

Paid Time Off in Austria

  Who doesn’t love paid vacation? This country has some of the most generous employee vacation policies with a minimum of 5 paid weeks per year! Not to mention, the longer you work for a company, the more vacation time you get!

United Kingdom Building View

5 Corporate Compliance Challenges in the UK You May Not Have Thought About

Just over a year ago, reports had just started emerging regarding a novel virus. At that point, we had no idea how much impact COVID-19 would end up having on our professional and personal lives. However, 2021, with the commencement of mass vaccinations, offers hope of a more predictable and consistent future – one where […]

France City Overview

Labor Law Changes in France

The Labor Law in France covers all issues related to employment, labor laws, and regulations. The terms and conditions of employment are clearly stated. The law also ensures employee representation and talks about discrimination, maternal and family leaves, as well as rights of all workers. There are a total of 35 jurisdictions focused on labor […]

Global Expansion Blue Marble

Multi-Country Expansion and Payroll Success

Implementing payroll in new countries is not easy. In-country regulations, compliance, ensuring statutory requirements are met is just the beginning. One of my recent clients came to Blue Marble with several challenges and needs for their global payroll. Some of the biggest issues for them were lack of visibility across all countries, and local in-country […]

Globe with Lights On

Why is Global Payroll so Complicated?

Payroll teams in the US have figured out payroll regulations, paying employees on time, and managing new legislation and regulations each year. So it would make sense that these same skills would translate to global payroll. Yet most companies find global payroll extremely challenging and struggle to maintain compliance. Why is global payroll so complicated?

Ontario City Water View

Rights of Workers in Ontario

In Ontario, Canada, workplace rights are an important part of the employment experience. Every employee has the right to be treated fairly at the workplace, to work in a safe environment, to be trained to deal with any workplace emergencies or hazards, and to become a part of a trade union. Workers in Ontario are […]

Bookshelf Stacked with Books

What You Should Look For In a Global Labor Law Compliance Platform

With advances in communication, infrastructure, and logistics technology, the world is getting smaller day by day. As a result, we are witnessing an unprecedented connection between different regions of the world, unobstructed by borders. This translates to businesses as well. Companies are looking to expand their operations that cover multiple regions to tap into these […]

India Water with Buidling

Benefits of Setting Up A Company In India

India is the world’s sixth-largest economy, and has an annual average GDP growth rate ranging from 6% to 7% since the start of the 21st century. Setting up a business in India can allow you to take advantage of a large customer base, which is likely to increase your business’ profitability.

Ethiopia Landscape Mountain View

Ethiopia Changes in Labor Law

Over the past 16 years, the Ethiopian labor law has stayed pretty much the same. A few years ago, the government approved some changes to the law to accommodate changes in labor markets, employer-employee relationships, and investments in Ethiopia. Here are some of the changes that were made to the Labor Law in Ethiopia:

South East Asia City Towers

All You Need to Know About Payroll in South East Asia

South East Asia features some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The presence of varying landscapes and cultures make it one of the most diverse markets for business expansion.

Global Payroll Photo

Managing Global Payroll Operations in Challenging Times

As each week passes, new challenges arise for companies with global operations. Different employment laws, payroll and furlough schemes, and reopening strategies in each country make it more difficult to ensure payroll compliance with evolving regulations. How can you keep the company operational in each country while ensuring you’re keeping up with payroll and employment […]

African City

7 Best African Countries for Starting a New Company

Today, an understanding of every African market and its unique situation is crucial for entrepreneurial success. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the top African countries for people looking to start a new business, as well as the business advantages that Africa, on the whole, has to offer.

India Water and Building View

What Do Changes in India’s Labor Code Mean for Workers?

In December 2020, the Narendra Modi-led government made some significant changes to the Indian Labor Code. Forty of the old central laws were replaced with four major labor codes that drew attention to wages of employees, industrial relations, health and safety hazards, as well as social security. Combined, these will help modernize India’s labor laws, […]


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Compliance and HR Outsourcing

The Human Resource Department serves an integral function in every business with employees. HR is not just in charge of recruiting and benefits but also checks whether companies are adhering to their legal obligations. The roles and responsibilities of a firm’s HR department include ensuring compliance with laws and regulations set in place at the […]

UK Canal

How Furlough Changes Have Impacted UK Payroll

The UK government implemented the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme last year to help businesses pay employees who had to reduce working hours or were laid off as a result of the shutdown. This furlough scheme has provided months of relief for workers and their employers during this ongoing crisis. But during the last year, there […]

Italy City

New Laws for Foreigners Entering Italy for Work

Italy is a European country on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and is home to Vatican City, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. It has a population of more than 60 million people. The vibrant city of Florence is best known for being the epicenter of the Renaissance, which led to the creation […]

Bhutan Water City View

Labor Laws in Bhutan

Bhutan’s issues of labor and employment are handled by the Labor and Employment Act of Bhutan, 2007. Here we explain the employment laws in Bhutan that play an important role in the Bhutanese labor market.

Denmark City Overlooking

Change in Denmark’s Law Relating to Posting of Workers

The Kingdom of Denmark is a country in Northern Europe and comprises of the Jutland Peninsula and various islands around it. A fairly small country, Denmark has a total land area of 42,916 square kilometers. It has a population of around 5.8 million and is famous for being the historical home of seafaring pirates known […]

Globe with Connections

How to Fix a Broken Global Payroll

Managing payroll is not easy – add in a few countries, and payroll gets even more complicated. So many moving parts, time zones, languages, and systems. It’s a juggling act on a good day, but when something goes wrong, it can take months to unravel. If you’re managing global payroll, you know how difficult it […]

Labor Law Book in Court

A Comprehensive Guide to Global Labor Law Compliance

As a regular citizen, you deal with compliance on a daily basis, even if you are not conscious of it. When you follow the traffic lights or stand at a distance from train doors after a subway announcement, you are complying with traffic laws and public safety regulations. Compliance essentially refers to the various ways […]

Maldives Hut Water View

Changes to the Employment Law in the Maldives

In September 2020, the Parliament made several changes to the Employment Law in the Maldives. Initially, this was submitted to the government in 2019, but the Parliament has since made the changes in collaboration with the Maldives’ Social and Economic Affairs Committees. Here are some of the key changes made to the Employment Law in […]

United Arab City Water View

United Arab Emirates Labor Laws

Working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) means following strict labor laws. UAE’s labor laws have recently expanded on working hours, annual leave policies, and other important work-related components. The law also states requirements and rules about maternity leave, sick leave, termination of employment, and safety standards that need to be followed in the workplace. […]

Library Globe Image

5 Countries with the Best Employment Laws

Around the world, workers are given different rights. These range from the right to organize protests and participate in trade unions, to working in safe conditions and overtime pay. This article explores 5 countries that have the best employment laws from the perspective of the employee with top global rankings in terms of rights of […]

Globe on Computer

Multi-Country Payroll Compliance

Payroll in every country is challenging, but when you are managing payroll across multiple countries, the complexity grows exponentially. Unique in-country payroll regulations, money movement to settle payroll in multiple currencies – the list goes on. Getting ahead of regulation changes and payroll requirements is the key to ensuring compliance, but that is easier said […]

Cambodia Building Water View

Labor Laws in Cambodia

There have been some significant changes in labor laws in Cambodia over the past few years that show that the country is moving to protect women and employees of all ages, castes, and religions. As of 2020, Cambodia has been promoting equal pay, equal opportunities, and professions, and paid leave for workers. Here are some […]


8 Regulatory Issues to Know Before Expanding Your Business to Australia

Australia has a GDP of more than 1 trillion US dollars, along with a sizeable middle and upper-middle-class citizenship. The country also has a thriving service sector forming 68 percent of its GDP. Australia’s open economy has enabled it to become a major player in the global market. It was able to grow by 3.1% […]

UK Tower Water View

How Brexit Could Affect UK Nationals

According to a close majority of votes in 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union (EU). Brexit will have repercussions on the UK job market but how it could specifically affect UK Nationals searching for jobs remains in the balance. Here are some of the ways Brexit could affect the search for […]

Singapore City Water View

Updates in Singapore’s Labor Laws

The Republic of Singapore is a small city-state with a population of 5.8 million people. The diverse and multi-ethnic population of Singapore comprises 72.6% Chinese, 15% Malays, and 7.4% Indians. Amongst the other ethnic groups living in Singapore are Eurasians and laborers from South Asia, who make up a large part of the population.

Map with Stuff Surrounding

Global Payroll Success Story

Companies often find processing payroll across multiple countries can be challenging and complicated by unique regulations, different processes in each country, and lack of data. One of my new clients was managing employees in 7 countries and was struggling with their payroll provider. My client’s payroll provider was missing bank deadlines, which resulted in employees […]

Parents With Baby

Four Countries with the Best Parental Leave Laws

A country’s parental leave policy is often a reflection of how the country views gender equality. By dividing responsibilities between both parents, a country encourages gender equality and breaks free from traditional gender roles. Here are four countries with the best parental leave policies in the world:

Sweden City Photo

Proposed Change in Sweden’s Employment Laws – Good or Bad?

Sweden is a country in northern Europe with a population of more than 10 million people. The majority of Sweden’s population is between the ages of 25 and 34. Currently, about 73% of Sweden’s labor force is employed but despite a youthful population, Sweden has a relatively high unemployment rate, at 531,000 people, or 9.7% […]

Global Growth

Global Growth in New Markets

Global growth can be difficult to navigate in new countries or markets. Many times, HR professionals only have expertise in a few countries and are tasked with ensuring compliance for the entire organization globally. For companies operating in 10+ countries, this can be a very challenging task for HR teams. They often tell me “We […]

Vietnam Worker Harvesting

New Labor Code of Vietnam

After an amendment process that went on for four years, the National Assembly of Vietnam finally approved the New Labor Code in November 2019, and it went into effect beginning January 1, 2021. The New Labor Code of Vietnam has some significant changes that will impact different enterprises and organizations within the country.

Canada Mountain View

Tips on Starting a Company in Canada

Canada is the tenth-largest economy in the world and the fourth richest in natural resources, specifically, energy-related natural resources. While that’s not necessarily a massive advantage in a world that might be moving away from fossil fuel in a couple of decades, there are a lot of other factors that attract individuals and businesses to […]

Employer Guidelines in Denmark for COVID-19

Employer Guidelines in Denmark for COVID-19

Due to the high spread of coronavirus, the Danish government has put a number of restrictions on different parts of the Danish society. Since restrictions have been tightened, employers and employees must ensure that they follow all the new guidelines. Read more about Employer Guidelines in Denmark for COVID-19.

Understanding Payroll Compliance in the United Arab Emirates

Understanding Payroll Compliance in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is a country made up of seven emirates. One way to think of them is they are akin to states or provinces in the other countries, albeit with more autonomy. If you are considering expanding your business into this progressive and business-oriented region, the two emirates you might be […]

What You Need To Know About Payroll Compliance In China

Payroll Compliance In China: What Do You Need To Know?

China, the world’s second-largest economy with an estimated GDP of 14.5 trillion dollars, is one of the first places foreign investors look when considering expanding their enterprise. With low-cost labor, a substantial domestic market (given its enormous population), and strategic geographical location, China is a global economic powerhouse with an unparalleled manufacturing sector. Read more […]

Singapore Corporate Compliance and Challenges

Singapore Corporate Compliance and Challenges

Singapore has a well-developed market, skilled workforce, and a robust corporate infrastructure that makes it an excellent place to expand your business. According to the World Bank, Singapore is the second easiest nation in which to conduct business (after New Zealand). The business climate of Singapore has its foundation set in globalization, focusing on the […]

Top Priorities for Global Payroll

Top Priorities for Global Payroll

If you have employees in multiple countries, you know global payroll is not easy. So many factors go into managing payroll – local in-country regulations, tax and filing deadlines, statutory requirements – the list goes on. What are the key factors to successful, compliant payroll across all countries? Here are some of the top priorities […]

Vietnam Lanterns

Employment Benefits in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are many factors to consider when hiring employees. Background checks, terms of employment, minimum wage, laws on discrimination, and harassment are just a few of the considerations. Employment relationships are currently regulated using the 2012 Labor Code but will be supplanted by a new code coming into effect on 1st January 2021. […]

Venezuelan Labor Laws

Venezuelan Labor Laws and Regulations

The Venezuelan labor laws are known as the Organic Law of Labor and Workers. The labor law deals with critical issues important to all employers running businesses in order to safeguard employees and the Venezuelan economy.

Ukraine Bridge Over Water with City Background

Labor Regulations in Ukraine

The Labor Code of Ukraine is a legislative act that polices employment labor regulations in Ukraine. However, various provisions are made more explicit in the subordinate legislative regulations. These include work conditions, wages, leave policies, and other privileges that are usually decided by collective bargaining agreements.

Uzbekistan Food Bags

The Working Conditions in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, employment relations are overseen by statutory legislation or by collective agreements. The law in Uzbekistan takes into account the concerns and interests of workers, employers, and the state. It ensures that the labor market is kept functioning, the working conditions in Uzbekistan are just and safe, and the rights of workers are protected […]

Uganda Bunched Up Flag

Uganda Fair Treatment Workplace Laws

In Uganda, fair treatment includes treating all employees with respect, giving them their rights, and following a proper code of conduct. Employees’ right to privacy must be protected, and feedback must be given to ensure that they meet their maximum potential at their jobs. The country has incorporated several Uganda Fair Treatment Workplace Laws to […]

Compass on Globe

Getting the most out of your Global Payroll in 2021

Multinational companies have faced many challenges over the last year. Now that the new year has begun, it’s time to look at your global payroll and identify ways to simplify the process. With new in-country regulations due to COVID, new Brexit rules, and furlough schemes in each country, payroll has gotten more complicated. How can […]

Japan Weight Measurement

Health Benefits in Japan

Did you know that workers in Japan must keep a certain waistline? Employers may be required to pay more National Insurance costs if employees don’t maintain a healthy weight. Learn more about health benefits in Japan by clicking here.

Poland _Business_Operations

Opportunities for E-Commerce Businesses in Poland

    “The world is a global village” is a phrase that aptly describes the deep connections that exist between us all today. Trade moves freely around the world. Labor as well enjoys mobility like never before. Supply chains span the globe, allowing everyone to participate in the world economy, both as producers and consumers.

Globe on Canada with Pin

COVID Impact on the Canadian Labor Market

Ever since the spread of coronavirus in Canada, more than two million workers have lost their jobs. There have been severe effects on unemployment, hours, and wages. This means that the labor market is struggling to make ends meet, and industries are experiencing significant changes, especially in the outcome of the Canadian economy. Read more […]

World Globe with Library Background

Global Expansion in 2021

2020 certainly turned the world upside down and forced organizations to make significant changes to their operations. In recent conversations with my clients, I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum. Some have scaled back operations, while others embraced expansion as employees worked entirely remote. Global Expansion in 2021 will been different, but is still possible.

Morocco Street View

Worker’s Rights in Morocco

Many professionals from around the world are attracted to Morocco because of its stable and ever-growing economy. Moreover, it is close to Europe and has low inflation rates which makes it attractive to employers. Morocco’s employment laws have been formed on the recommendations of the International Labor Organization, which is why many consider them liberal […]

Employee Benefits in Japan

Employee Benefits in Japan

In Japan, employee benefits are of extreme importance because of fierce competition in the search for top talent. Japanese employees are picky when selecting employers and are always on the lookout for a place with the most generous benefits packages. Learn about some of those employee benefits in Japan, along with information about their leave […]

New Zealand Mountain Water View

Working Conditions in New Zealand

Most of the reforms that caused New Zealand to be a welfare state were introduced in the 1930s and then in the 1970s under the rule of the Labor Party. The Labor Party managed to gain the ultimate support of the labor unions in New Zealand. Over time, New Zealand’s economy shifted towards being more […]

Challenges when Expanding into New Countries

Challenges when Expanding into New Countries

Global expansion is always an exciting opportunity, but when it comes to setting up business entities, hiring employees, and getting payroll up and running, things can get complicated. There are several key aspects of starting up in a new country that are often overlooked and unique challenges in each country when expanding and hiring. Here […]

Labor Law Changes in Ethiopia

Labor Law Changes in Ethiopia

In 2019, the Ethiopian government approved a new Labor Proclamation to replace the old law that had been in place in Ethiopia for the past 16 years. However, over the years, there have been many changes in investments, labor markets, and the business environment in Ethiopia which warranted a renewed look at existing regulations and […]

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2021 Global Payroll Trends

Technology, data security, and compliance will reshape 2021 Global Payroll Trends. Multinational companies faced unprecedented obstacles in 2020 and have had to make accommodations for employees around the world to keep up. New sick leave, furlough policies, and working environments have changed drastically over the last year and will continue into 2021. How can you […]

Labor Code in Bolivia

Labor Code in Bolivia

The labor code of Bolivia consists of lots of rules, some of which are fairly complicated. Hence, companies must consider professional legal advice and adapt to the regularly updated labor laws. Bolivia’s labor laws are overseen by their Ministry of Labor. Here are the latest changes to the labor code in Bolivia.

Time off in Belgium

Time Off in Belgium

Need some time away from work? Learn about the generous time credit policies in Belgium in our latest What in the World? video.

Employment and Leave Laws in the Bahamas

Employment and Leave Laws in the Bahamas

Largely owing to its thriving tourism industry, the Bahamas has an inviting economy that makes this island country a great place in which to work and invest. The labor force participation rate for both men and women is quite high, and the government has designed comprehensive legislation to maintain favorable work conditions at all times. […]

UK Regulations Affecting Employee Payroll

UK Regulations Affecting Employee Payroll

This year the UK government has implemented several UK Regulations Affecting employee payroll. The Job Retention Scheme that was announced in March 2020 has been gradually changing the employer contribution requirements each month, and in November 2020 announced the scheme would be extended until April 2021. Another highly controversial regulation related to IR35 (off-payroll rules) […]

EU Citizens Right to Work in UK

EU Citizens Right to Work in UK

Although the freedom of movement for EU citizens into the UK technically ended on 31st October 2019, there is currently in place a temporary transition period until a new immigration system is developed in January of 2021. So, what does this mean for employers, landlords, and EU citizens who might be subject to immigration status […]

Tanzania Labor Laws During COVID

Tanzania Labor Laws During COVID

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in the world, one of the biggest challenges that businesses have faced has been how to manage their employees. Like other countries around the globe, Tanzania Labor Laws During COVID were not friendly and had to be adjusted in response to the global pandemic. In April 2020, the Association […]

Global Payroll Challenges in 2021

Global Payroll Challenges in 2021

As the year draws to a close, companies have faced unprecedented challenges that will unfortunately most likely continue into early next year. Countries around the world have adapted regulations and compliance requirements to account for the ongoing pandemic, and multinational companies have had to adapt to the changes in real-time. What does this mean for […]

Employee Rights in Bangladesh

Employee Rights in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a population of 168.1 million, which includes a large and inexpensive labor force of about 90 million. Of these, about 60 million work agricultural jobs (that is growing by 1% each year), and about 30 million work non-agricultural jobs (which are growing by six percent a year). When it comes to Employee Rights […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Australian Market

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Australian Market

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Australian Market can be felt by most industries in Australia in the form of reduced employee working hours, wage cuts, and staff reductions. Estimates show that 41% of jobs are at high risk of being terminated. This is why the Federal Government has introduced the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme. […]

Health and Wellness in France

Health and Wellness in France

France has generous employee benefits to ensure the health and wellness of their workforce. Learn about some of the statutory benefits on health and wellness in France for employees in our What in the World? video:

Employment Laws in Albania

Employment Laws in Albania

Regarding Employment Laws in Albania, all contracts of employment need to be in writing. However, if a contract is not in written form due to some special reason, the employer has seven days from the start of employment to ensure that a written contract is provided. If that is not done, an employer can be […]

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Labor Code in Iceland

Known for its beautiful Northern Lights, Iceland is a small Nordic island nation known for its laws on freedom and equality for all citizens. In 2008, after having suffered a massive financial crisis, it became successful in increasing its GDP to $23 billion by 2017. Iceland is a country primarily supported by fisheries and manufacturing […]

HR Technology Conference

HR Technology Conference

This year is different in so many ways, and we have had to make challenging decisions and changes to the way we work. Trade shows and events have evolved as a result, with most conferences moving to virtual events. One of the largest industry conferences of the year, HR Technology Conference and Expo, has moved […]

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Armenia Employment and Labor Laws

Armenia Employment and Labor Laws can be strict and extensive. Local, as well as foreign entrepreneurs who wish to avail the business opportunities in the country, must ensure that they fully understand and adhere to the labor law in Armenia.

Employment Regulations in Finland

Employment Regulations in Finland

The Finnish labor market is known for its high level of organization. The Finnish employment legislation aims to protect all employees. Below are some useful Employment Regulations in Finland.

Strategies to Simplify Global Payroll

Strategies to Simplify Global Payroll

Each year you make a plan, budget, and create new initiatives. Payroll is often overlooked as an operational expense, not as an area for improvement. But when it comes to strategies to simplify global payroll, there are always enhancements that can be made.

Overcoming Global Payroll Challenges

Overcoming Global Payroll Challenges

Companies face many process and integration challenges when managing employees in the US and overseas. Lack of insight or access to real-time payroll costs can also add to the complexities of managing a multi-national business.

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What you need to know about the UK Furlough Scheme

The UK government created the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme in March 2020 to help workers continue to be paid while businesses were closed due to the pandemic. The furlough scheme provided 80% of employee wages up to a cap of £2500 per month. After July 1, the scheme is changing. Here is what you need […]

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Indonesia Employment Regulations in 2020

There have been many important changes to Indonesia Employment Regulations in 2020. Law Number 13 of 2003 elaborates on the labor law of Indonesia, describing conditions for three types of workers, including fixed-term employees, permanent employees, and foreign employees. In Indonesia, employees are distinguished by their length of employment, the nature of their job, and […]

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Changes to South Korean Labor Laws

The South Korean labor market features a highly-segments labor profile. Almost 20% of the labor force is self-employed, and another 21% consists of temporary workers. Thus the labor laws in South Korea are quite complex and include significant variables. Here we discuss the latest changes to South Korean Labor Laws in 2020.

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Brazilian Labor Code Changes in 2020

The Brazilian Labor Code has undergone more than hundred changes since it was first enacted in 1943. The most recent changes strive to simplify labor procedures and protect the employees, especially amid the coronavirus crisis. The article covers the most important aspects of Brazil’s Employment Law in 2020.

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Hungary Labor Law Changes in 2020

The Hungarian Government introduced some significant changes to labor law effective as of January 1, 2020. The changes addressed key issues regarding employee welfare and job security. In this article, we address some of the major changes in the 2020 Hungary Labor Code.

Belarus Labor Code Changes

Belarus Labor Code Changes

The Belarus Government introduced significant changes in their 2020 labor code. Some significant highlights include legitimization of remote work, paternity leaves, relaxing of travel restrictions on working mothers, the extension of contracts, and more. Here are some of the main Belarus Labor Code Changes and what they mean for Belarus employers and employees.

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