7 Countries with the Best Paternity Leave

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Parental leave across the globe ranges from a total of three years to nothing at all. Paternity leave is an important topic to address as there are still several countries that do not offer fathers the same benefits as mothers. Many countries make the leave flexible by offering it as parental leave and open to utilization by either parent.

Depending on your geographical location, company, and employment laws, paternity leave can vary. Scandinavian countries are known to be the most generous with paternity leave, allowing parents greater choice. Many European countries also make the cut.

Here are some countries with the best paternity leave benefits:

1.  Lithuania and Hungary

Both these countries allow parents to take up to 156 weeks off from work. Parents working in Lithuania have the choice of receiving 52 weeks’ leave from work with full pay or 104 weeks off with 70 percent pay. The remaining days off from work are unpaid.

In Hungary, parents are offered 104 weeks off from work with 70 percent of their total pay. For the remaining weeks, if they wish to take off from work, they are given a statutory flat rate.

2.  Sweden and Estonia

Parents in Sweden can divide 480 days of leave between themselves. Each parent is offered 90 days off from work with a pay rate of 80 percent of their regular salary. In addition, they are given 300 more days they can divide amongst themselves. The pay rate for this leave remains the same.

Fathers in Estonia are given 14 days of paternity leave with full pay. An additional number of 435 days are offered that can be shared between both parents. Extra days off from work are paid at a rate of the average, depending on the salaries of both parents.

3. Iceland

Iceland’s laws are not complicated. Mothers and fathers are given an equal number of days off from work- three months each. An additional three months are provided that can be shared between both parents and divided up any way they want.

The nine months off from work are paid at a rate of 80 percent of the average salary of the employee.

4.  Slovenia

Fathers in Slovenia are given 12 weeks of paternity leave. Out of these 12 weeks, 15 days are paid in full, while the remaining 75 days, fathers may receive minimum wage.

5.  Norway

According to Norwegian law, fathers are given 0 to 10 weeks off from work, depending on their preference. After this, both parents can divide an extra 46-56 weeks of leave from work between themselves.

Parents who choose to take 46 weeks off from work will receive 100 percent of their regular pay, while those who take 56 weeks will be paid 80 percent of their usual salary.

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