Payroll Success in 10 Countries

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Managing payroll and HR for employees across 10 countries is challenging, but when your systems are not working and not working together, it becomes impossible. One of my clients was facing tax filing issues and service concerns with their current payroll provider and had no transparency or integration between HR and their international payroll. Compliance was quickly becoming a major concern for their management team, so it was time to make a change.

Their previous international payroll provider had made promises and had not delivered. This client was told there would be integration between HRIS and international payroll, but this never happened. The previous provider had taken over 14 months to implement 7 out of 10 countries, and there was no timeline to get the remaining countries onboarded. They had multiple tax filing issues and service concerns and couldn’t get help or questions answered when they needed it.

Compliance was a huge issue – they did not have access to in-country experts to help with country-specific questions related to labor and employment laws. This put the company at risk for non-compliance fines and penalties, not to mention potentially unhappy employees. With no aggregated global payroll reporting and limited standard reports, there was no view of payroll in real-time across all countries and currencies.

This client chose Blue Marble not only for our technology, reporting options, and global consulting services to handle HR and labor compliance but because we were transparent in our process and did not overstate our capabilities. One of their main concerns was implementing a new payroll system all over again, so our team built a sample project plan for each country and walked through it together with the client before moving forward.

Working together and with full transparency was the key to getting this client back in compliance and in control of their payroll across 10 countries. They now have access to aggregated global reporting to view payroll in real-time across all countries or create custom reports based on their needs. Our global consulting services team helped with tax filing issues, country-specific employment law questions, and the client had access to our service team for any payroll questions. If your company is struggling with out-of-control payroll across multiple countries, talk to us. We can help a complicated global payroll process become easy to manage with one platform for all countries. Click here to learn more

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