Overcoming Global Payroll Challenges

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Companies face many process and integration challenges when managing employees in the US and overseas. Lack of insight or access to real-time payroll costs can also add to the complexities of managing a multi-national business.

Why Blue Marble?

One of my new clients has offices in the US, Canada and the UK. They were using a large US-based payroll company to manage payroll for the US and the UK. What could possibly go wrong?

Although the provider was the same, there was no integration between the US and the UK. The UK payroll was managed using spreadsheets and email (which is not GDPR-compliant and prone to human error), they had zero visibility into employee pay data, and lacked reporting capabilities across countries.

There were also long delays when reaching out for in-country support in the UK, and they had concerns about compliance with GDPR and other EU regulations. My client was also locked into a contract with hefty penalties for early termination.

So how can you solve all of those challenges at once? Many factors led them to Blue Marble, starting with Technology. Blue Marble has a cloud-based platform that integrates our extensive network of global payroll service providers with leading edge technology. We can also integrate US payroll and global HRIS providers so you have one platform to manage all of your employees.


Another key factor is aggregated reporting. The ability to run aggregated reports across all countries and currencies is unique to Blue Marble. No other competitor offers this option when processing global payroll. No more excel spreadsheets or email – you can create customized reports for the countries you need. No more waiting for weeks to get payroll numbers.


Service comes next – we know that providing you with direct access to in-country providers allows you to get answers to compliance or payroll-related questions instantly. No more waiting for a week to get a quick question taken care of – our hybrid service model gives you a US-based team, dedicated account manager, and direct access to our amazing network of In-country experts in more than 150 countries.

Compliance is another important consideration. We provide dedicated compliance resources and advanced technology to mitigate the risk of non-compliance fines, fees and penalties. Our in-country experts ensure payroll, tax, and pension regulations are adhered to according to the most up to date requirements in each country.

Contracts are the worst – and they never benefit you – only the company asking you to sign them. That’s why there are no contracts with Blue Marble. Our goal is to earn your business each month with no penalties for terminating any agreements. If you are happy, there is no need for a contract!


The results for my client are outstanding. They can now focus on growing their business rather than worrying about payroll and compliance. Our technology allows them to leverage their data to forecast and create reports that are actionable. Having direct access to in-country experts means immediate issue resolution and confidence their monthly payrolls are always accurate and on time.


If you are struggling with compliance or technology issues related to global payroll, we can help. There is no need to struggle each month with payroll administration or compliance when there is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution available! Talk to us today about simplifying your global payroll, integrating US payroll with international, and more. Click here to get started and see how easy global payroll can be!

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