Opportunities for E-Commerce Businesses in Poland

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“The world is a global village” is a phrase that aptly describes the deep connections that exist between us all today. Trade moves freely around the world. Labor as well enjoys mobility like never before. Supply chains span the globe, allowing everyone to participate in the world economy, both as producers and consumers.

A critical factor in the exponential growth of globalization is the internet. Yes, the physical infrastructure in industry and transport is also critical. Still, the internet is what combines it all into a package that makes everything not only cost-effective but also highly efficient.

Given the above, it is no surprise that everyone wants to get involved in the global marketplace. A popular way of doing so is e-commerce. E-commerce involves using a website on the internet as a digital storefront, allowing businesses to reach an international audience.

Of course, behind the “digital” storefront is a vast supply chain that has to carry out the fulfillment. It isn’t enough that you have a great product and an amazing website. The core business principles that have existed for decades still need to be followed.

This means that e-commerce businesses must still have physical characteristics. This also necessitates that these physical demands be met at a reasonable cost. Today we’ll be talking about the e-commerce opportunities in Poland that allow businesses to meet these needs.

Ecommerce Opportunities in Poland

The impact of COVID-19 was felt far and wide. Not only were supply chains disrupted, but many businesses folded as a result of revenue streams drying up. This presented challenges that we’ve never seen before. Businesses had an acute need for some relief. The pressure on the supply chain needed to be alleviated, and the cost of doing business needed to be reduced.

E-commerce businesses rely heavily on warehousing space,which many terms as “fulfillment centers.” These warehouses store the various products that the business sells and represent an important part of the supply chain. During the pandemic, the need for readily available warehousing space for these fulfillment centers has been at its peak.

This brings us to why e-commerce in Poland has become such a hot topic. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this in more detail.E-commerce can be a goldmine, but it requires alert decision-making, informed by sharp business acumen. When the pandemic suddenly hit the world, the way people conducted their daily affairs changed drastically.

One of these changes was in the way they carried out their shopping. While e-commerce was a popular method to shop anyway, the pandemic forced people to rely on it for essential goods they would normally source from the corner shop or at a local retail store.

This sudden spike in demand was more than welcome for e-commerce businesses. However, there is a capacity beyond which even the biggest players such as Amazon and Alibabacannot operate. The only solution to the problem is to increase capacity.

This is where sharp business acumen is required. A regular e-commerce business may have simply thanked the stars for the increased revenue, but major players like the two mentioned above saw this as an opportunity to cement their stronghold over the market.

The way to do this was obviously to seek out warehousing space available at an appropriate cost and meet the business’s demands. The global supply chain may have suffered, but regional chains could still be strengthened and utilized to their maximum potential. This is where Poland comes in.

Ideally located in Europe, with vast swathes of empty space, and a strong real-estate and logistics industry, these are some of the key factors in e-commerce opportunities in Poland. In 2020, the warehousing market offered up 3.45 million m2.

This availability in space meant that e-commerce businesses could quickly build the capacity that was urgently required. The warehousing market had already been putting up strong numbers from strength to strength during the pandemic.

The geographical location of the country also represents e-commerce opportunities in Poland. Poland is located at the heart of major trade routes that can be leveraged by e-commerce businesses to continue and improve supply chain efficiency. This central location speeds up fulfillment and increases revenue for e-commerce businesses.

The most important opportunity for e-commerce in Poland is due to the high level of investment in the infrastructure that supports the logistics industry. Efficient road networks ensure minimal disruptions and ensure that everything can be carried out at the lowest possible cost.

Furthermore, major players in the warehousing market have tried to increase the appeal of their offering by modernizing their warehouses. Industrial facilities are important when it comes to fulfillment centers, and modernization in the form of automation and energy-efficient technology offers unparalleled benefits to e-commerce businesses.

Final Word

In conclusion, it is clear why e-commerce opportunities in Poland are talked about so much these days. A combination ofan excellent geo-location, a booming real-estate and logistics industry, unrivalled investment in the infrastructure by the government, and the continued disruption to brick and mortar retail outlets offers e-commerce businesses the ability to maximize their business’ potential during challenging times.

We hope that this article provided you with useful insights into the Polish market and why it presents amazing opportunities for e-commerce businesses. For further assistance in considering an expansion to Poland, visit us.



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