Managing Global Payroll Operations in Challenging Times

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As each week passes, new challenges arise for companies with global operations. Different employment laws, payroll and furlough schemes, and reopening strategies in each country make it more difficult to ensure payroll compliance with evolving regulations. How can you keep the company operational in each country while ensuring you’re keeping up with payroll and employment requirements?

While payroll teams are working remotely, technology has never been more important to maintain company operations. Access to real-time information is also a key factor to maintaining accurate payroll and compliance in each country, as many countries are making changes each day to provide new benefits to companies and employees during this unprecedented time. This can often mean additional work or re-work for payroll teams to account for the changes.

Finding more efficient ways to manage payroll for global employees has been a struggle for most multi-national organizations. Integrated solutions are hard to find and allowing you to integrate with your US payroll is another uphill battle. Imagine having one platform to manage everything in one place?

Blue Marble created one cloud-based platform to manage employees in more than 145 countries. Payroll teams have real-time access to payroll costs across all countries and currencies, customized reporting each month, and a network of in-country experts to help when questions come up. The platform automatically updates with in-country regulations, so your team can ensure compliance with fast-paced changes. Keep your business moving forward, maintain operations, and ensure accurate payroll during this challenging time and beyond. Learn more about simplifying payroll operations in 145+ countries

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