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Is it Time to Make a Change to Your Global Payroll Operations?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your global payroll operations? Do you have real-time access to your payroll data across all countries and currencies? Is your multi-country payroll all on one platform? Is there help available when you need it? These are just a few of the issues companies face when trying to manage global payroll – lack of data insight, no access to real-time information, and no one to call when you need help.

Now is the time to make changes to any broken processes. With the ongoing COVID-19 challenges, companies are working remotely, employees don’t have the same access to data, and payroll can get lost in the shuffle. If you can’t view payroll in real-time, there is room for error, fraud, and the potential for data security issues. Getting the most out of your global payroll has never been more important – especially when your teams can’t travel overseas or visit different locations.

Using one platform to manage global payroll is the easiest way to maintain control and oversight into your payroll costs across all countries and currencies. With integrated money movement services, you can also get the best conversion rates available, and ensure your payroll is funded in the correct currency.

Blue Marble has created the industry standard for global payroll. Our platform, WebGlobe, gives you real-time access to payroll across 145+ countries, with integrated services like global HR, money movement, and more. You can pay employees across the globe with a click of a button and create customized reporting to track payroll in every country. We make it easy to manage employee payroll so you can focus on important initiatives for your business. Click here to learn more

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