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HR Consulting

Managing and coordinating Human Resources efforts across locations within a single country is a task in and of itself. Trying to do the same across multiple jurisdictions, with different customs, and variations in employment law can be overwhelming for any HR organization.

We offer a wide range of HR Consulting services for both your domestic and international entities that are tailored to your specific needs. Our clients all differ in whether or not an in-house team has the capacity or skills to handle certain topics. As a result, we can provide solutions for teams that just need the tools to be successful or we can manage the project – wherever best fits the goals of your company.

Talent Acquisition

At Aadmi, we believe talent acquisition should be the engine that powers performance and profitability. The old ways of enlisting the most qualified applicant simply don’t work these days. Best qualified is fine, but best suited is better.

We’re constantly working to build and filter our talent pool. We incorporate your company’s strategic goals and organizational culture to identify only those candidates best suited to your organization.

Our proactive, strategic approach to recruiting ensures that our clients hire the right person, someone who will become an integral part of the company for many years to come. Hiring and training employees is expensive, and finding the right person means not having to keep enlisting the wrong person over and over.

Aadmi delivers superior talent by cultivating a deeper understanding of organizational culture and reaching into our deep pool of talent.

Human Resource Architecture

Whether you’re a start-up emerging from modest beginnings or you run a medium-sized business ready to expand overseas, having a sustainable and scalable human resources architecture is crucial to your success.

Applying a one-size-fits-all solution to human resources simply does not work. Your company is unique, and just as the products you sell or the social issues you address are unique to your vision, your HR needs present their own challenges and need their own solutions.

Aadmi Consulting understands these complexities. We can develop a comprehensive blueprint that will optimize your resources, synergize your workforce, scale as needed, and enhance your business goals.

Our approach to HR architecture focuses on your mission, your organizational vision, and builds an efficient and flexible human capital management system designed for the long-term success of your business or nonprofit.

Aadmi offers a variety of services, from a complete HR realignment to specific ad hoc services:

Aadmi has developed a holistic approach to improving your business. We test the boundaries of every system in place, recommending improvements, and ensuring that you maximize benefits while conserving resources.

Global Human Resources Audit

If one thing is true about business, it is always evolving. New trends emerge, old approaches disappear, and people come and go—and your HR department needs to stay on top of these developments. Without an accurate assessment of your HR system, you could lose your place in your industry.

Quality HR support means periodic reviews of employee records, benefits and contracts, external compliance, and for nonprofits, donor requirements and records. These reviews can be a costly burden, especially if they are ignored or done improperly.

Aadmi works hard to support all our clients over the long term. To keep their HR practices from going pear shaped, many of our clients order an annual audit of their HR departments. During an HR audit, Aadmi:

Our HR audits give you a clearer picture of how to get the most from your human capital and how your business is evolving and adapting to an ever-changing environment.