Global Threats Impacting Operations Overseas

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From worker protests to political unrest, natural disasters or the threat of a new pandemic, there are challenging obstacles for multinational companies to deal with each year. How do you keep employees safe, maintain operations, and focus on business goals when there are many unforeseen threats beyond your control?

Staying Ahead

Preparation is the key to managing global interruptions to business operations. Cross-training staff, allowing telecommuting for emergency situations, and plans for operating the business with a lower number of employees is the first step. If there is a transportation shortage or shutdown, having contingency work plans in place will keep operations running while disruptions are taking place.

Payroll and HR administration is a function of every business that cannot shut down, so ensuring your global teams can manage daily operations in unexpected situations is key to maintaining control. Having mobile and remote access to payroll and HR systems is crucial in a crisis or emergency situation, so your technology must offer mobile access when it is needed. Making sure multiple team members have access to payroll and HR tools is vital when circumstances change quickly and force changes to regular operations.

Staying ahead of travel, illness, or political disruptions is important for global companies. With employees in multiple locations and countries, the odds of a business disruption increase. Being prepared and taking measures now to ensure your payroll and HR technology is secure, mobile, and flexible can help you avoid disrupted operations if disaster strikes. To learn more about simplifying payroll operations in 145+ countries, click here

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