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Business Interruption in Belarus

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Following the August 2020 elections in Belarus, protests began in opposition to the election of Lukashenko, who has been president since 1994. Worker strikes and protests due to the election are impacting the country’s labor and economic outlook. Amnesty International reports that the government is pushing back against private trade unions through arrests and other means.

Violence has been continually used by authorities to quell protests and advocacy. The government also cut off internet service for several days in August 2020, impacting the ability of activists to report on the protests.

The government response over the last year has harmed many industries, including IT. Technology workers are leaving Belarus for neighboring countries including Latvia and Lithuania, which have created expedited visa procedures for such workers. Belarus is now facing sanctions from the EU, UK, as well as the US and Canada. The sanctions target some government figures, and various sectors including finance, oil, and potash industries. It has been estimated that the protests have cost Belarus $500 million.

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