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Business Disruption and Global Payroll

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Multinational companies have quickly learned in the last month that business disruption can happen at any time and under many circumstances, especially when it comes to Global Payroll. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned operations upside down and companies have had to provide a variety of services to employees to keep the business going in the most challenging environment. Reconfiguring communications, technology, and video conferencing solutions, ensuring employees have access to company systems, and streamlining customer support is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once customers and business functions to keep the company going are operational, daily tasks and administrative functions are the next component. Keeping payroll and HR teams functional are vital to ensure employees are paid on time, have benefits in place, and ensure compliance with new in-country regulations. As each country changes leave policies or furlough regulations, your payroll and HR teams are affected, and without proper access to make changes, your compliance can suffer.

If you have employees in multiple countries, one platform to manage payroll and compliance across all countries is critical. As countries make new changes due to the ongoing pandemic, your payroll software has to keep up with the changes so you can avoid payroll errors. At Blue Marble, our cloud-based platform, WebGlobe, gives you real-time access to your payroll across all countries and currencies, and automatically updates with new in-country regulations. We have a network of in-country experts to ensure business contingency, data privacy, and continuity plans in the event of an emergency.

Don’t let payroll and compliance get in the way of your global operations during this unprecedented situation. We are here to help you navigate complicated regulations in each country, ensure payroll compliance, and simplify operations if you have employees in 1 country or 145+ countries. To learn more, click here

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