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Best Countries for Women to Work

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In some countries around the world, women are underpaid for the same job as their male counterparts. They are made to work overtime without any compensation, and breaking through the glass ceiling is made to be very difficult.

However, there are some countries that support women in the workplace much more than others. They ensure that women have a work-life balance, along with ample job opportunities in multiple fields. Moreover, women are not exploited in those countries and are treated as equals to men.

Here are some of the best countries for women to work, as revealed by themselves in surveys of satisfaction and morale by female expatriate workers:

1.  Czechia

Whether it is job security or strong career opportunities, Czechia is a great place for women to work. In fact, ex-patriate women believe that Czechia is the best place to work. This is reflected by research reports showing that 83 percent of women are fully satisfied with their jobs there. Moreover, 78 percent believe they have ample job security.

Women who choose to work in Czechia find there are a variety of jobs available on the market. However, if you are looking to move to a place with better salary options, Czechia may not be your best bet. Less than 38 percent of ex-pat women earn more than what they earned in their home country as opposed to 50 percent of women, generally, who work abroad.

2.  Bahrain

It is refreshing to see women in the small Gulf State speak positively about Bahrain’s working life. Approximately 66 percent of women have said that they are happy with the career options that they have here.

Bahrain also offers women a good work-life balance. This makes living here more attractive, especially for women with families. Eighty-eight percent of women have reported being happy with their jobs here.

3.  Taiwan

Expat women in Taiwan can enjoy flexible working hours- an aspect that 72 percent of women have appreciated. Sixty-six percent believe that their career options are not limited, and there is a lot for women to explore here.

Moreover, finding a job in Taiwan is not considered difficult at all! There are multiple opportunities for women to become a part of the education sector. In fact, 58 percent of ex-pat women work in this field.

4.  Norway

Nordic countries are extremely popular among ex-pat women. According to the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap report, Norway is the second most popular country for working women.

Eighty-six percent of women believe that Norway has reasonable work hours. The average time a woman works full-time is 41.4 hours. This is an hour less than the global average, allowing women to take out time for their interests and pursuits outside of work.

5.  Australia

For a female ex-pat, one of the best places to work in Australia. Not only does it have great weather, but according to survey responses, 64 percent of women here love their jobs.

Work-life balance is revered by the work culture so ex-pats find they have enough time to explore the cities where they work and enjoy the sun. Women are also known to receive very competitive compensation packages.

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