Aadmi Nominated for Employer of Record Organization of the Year 2022

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Aadmi is a full-service HR consultancy firm and a global expansion/retraction partner that companies can rely upon when expanding into or moving out of another country. Founded in 2012, Aadmi has rapidly expanded its services and client portfolio and is now being recognized as one of the top Employer of Record (EOR) organizations in the world.

Aadmi’s Nomination For 2022 EOR Organization

The Global Payroll Association (GPA) is one of the most well-regarded and recognized bodies in the international payroll industry. The association offers educational resources and guidance to its members, and it also organizes a yearly event called the “GPA Payroll Awards.” Multiple candidates/businesses are chosen for several categories. This year, there is an award for thirteen categories, and Aadmi is one of the nine nominees for the “Employer of Record Organization of The Year 2022.”

The nomination is an endorsement of Aadmi’s place in the industry and they’re being recognized as one of the major Employers of Record services around the globe. Even as a nominee, the recognition can help the company build more (and better) B2B and B2C relationships.

The other notable nominees for this award include Remote, Acumen, and Globalization Partners, which are among the leaders in the EOR market segment. To be nominated for an award amongst these competitors is a “visibility” step that can trigger Aadmi’s next growth phase.

Aadmi’s Strengths as an EOR

There are several reasons why Aadmi’s EOR services are worthy of award nominations and recognition from peers and potential customers. Some of the reasons that have contributed to Aadmi’s growth so far are:

Aadmi’s Extensive Reach

Aadmi operates in an impressive number of countries around the globe and its geographic reach is divided into five global regions.

Africa: In Africa, it operates in 49 out of the 54 countries. That’s a 90.7% regional penetration rate. For companies looking to expand growing African markets and leverage the power of massive labor pools available in populous African countries, Aadmi can be a great partner.

Oceania: Aadmi offers its EOR services for six countries in Oceania – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Guam, Palau, and Papua New Guinea. This covers both first-world countries that might be the ideal target markets for some businesses and third-world countries with unique challenges and corporate opportunities.

Americas: In the Americas, Aadmi offers EOR services for 33 countries. That covers all North American countries and most South American ones. With mature markets like US and Canada and emerging markets like Brazil, Aadmi’s EOR services can be highly beneficial for expanding businesses.

Asia: The company offers EOR services in 47 Asian countries. That’s roughly 60% of the world’s entire population, making it the largest labor pool and some of the largest markets.

Europe: Aadmi has an extensive reach in Europe as well, and its EOR services cover over 43 countries.

A Full Suite of Services

Aadmi’s “Global Expansion Suites of Tools” is both extensive and comprehensive. It includes six core elements:

Corporate Establishment: Establishing a new entity in a foreign country can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to navigate the local laws and corporate landscape. Aadmi offers complete corporate establishment services, including the preparation of qualification documents, obtaining necessary certificates and licenses, getting a local tax registration number, and opening local bank accounts.

Corporate Maintenance: From regular taxes to fees and local compliance requirements, there are a lot of elements to maintaining a corporate presence in a different country. Aadmi takes care of all of these requirements as an EOR familiar with the local laws and their comprehensive compliance knowledge.

HR Consulting: A good HR department is the hallmark of a healthy business, and Aadmi can act as a great HR department in a country where you may not have the knowledge or resources to build a good HR department from the ground up.

Global Labor Compliance: Understanding local labor laws is essential to maintaining a functional and productive workforce without being subjected to fines or restrictions for noncompliance. It’s a challenging aspect of an expansion that can become a breeze with an EOR provider such as Aadmi.

Background Checks: Different countries have different mechanisms for background checks which become even more stringent when requested by foreign companies. An EOR like Aadmi can make the whole process seamless.

Translator Services: Translator services are an essential part of foreign expansion and are required throughout the lifecycle of your business in another country.

Expansion and Retraction

Aadmi is an EOR that can help a business through the entire lifecycle of a foreign expansion, which begins with a business entering a new country. From getting a business registered as a local entity with all the requisite permissions and certificates to getting out of the country after paying all the dues, disposing of local assets, and terminating/transferring the local workforce, Aadmi is a trustworthy partner at every step. The knowledge and experience it brings to the table (as an EOR) can make the entire process smooth.

Comprehensive Compliance Understanding

Aadmi specializes in compliance services and prides itself on its knowledge and understanding of local compliance in all the countries it operates. This ensures that its partners are not in danger of getting into crosshairs with the local governments in the countries they are operating in.

Final Words

As an EOR, Aadmi outshines many others in the industry and is growing at an incredible rate. Its nomination for the award of the EOR organization of the year 2022 is proof of its recognition among peers and among leaders in the industry.

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