Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Gambia dalasi (GMD)

Payroll Frequency

Monthly or as per the employment contract.

Employer Taxes


About Gambia

A small country, The Gambia borders the Atlantic Ocean and Senegal on the western coast of Africa. The river Gambia, the country’s namesake, flows through the center of The Gambia and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a fairly narrow country and is less than 50 kilometres (31 miles) wide at its widest point. Economically, The Gambia relies on traditional subsistence agriculture and peanut export for most of its earnings, although tourism and money sent home by the diaspora form the basis of their foreign exchange reserves. There are many ethnic groups with strong cultures and languages living in the region, including the Mandinka, the Fula, and Wolof, among others. The majority of its population practices Islam.

Employment Relationship

• Permanent Employment

In Gambia, employment contracts made for indefinite duration are considered permanent. Such contracts continue until terminated by either party. An employee is permanent if they are regularly and continuously employed in work related to normal and permanent activity of the employer, and are paid wages regularly. Contracts not made in writing are presumed to be made for indefinite duration. 

• Fixed-Term or Specific-Purpose Contracts

Gambia's Labour Act recognizes employment contracts made for specific duration or specific task. Such contracts terminate at the expiry of the specified duration or task, unless they are expressly or tacitly renewed. No notice is required for termination. If a contract is to be terminated before the expiry of its term, minimum notice required is 14 days.  Fixed term contracts for 6 or more months must be made in writing. If such contract is not made in writing, it is enforceable by the employee but not the employer. If a contract made for fixed duration or specific task involves work connected with normal and permanent activity of the business, it is considered to be for indefinite term.   

• Temporary Employment Contratcs

In Gambia, there are no specific guidelines on temporary employment contracts. 

Probationary Period

Employment contracts for skilled jobs can include a probationary period for a maximum of 12 months in Gambia. During probation, either party can terminate the contract at any time without notice and need for severance pay.

Working Hours

There are no statutory guidelines on working hours in Gambia. Provisions on working hours must be included in the employment contract. 

Holidays / PTO

• Statutory Holidays

• Paid Annual Leave

Employees in Gambia have the right to accrue annual leave days provided by their collective agreement or individual employment contract. Employers must grant leave in consultation with the employee. Annual leave days are paid at the daily wage rate for the employee, excluding any bonus but including overtime payment. There are no provisions for transferring accumulated leave to the next year. If an employment contract is terminated, employees are entitled to receive payment for any unused leave they have accumulated. 

• Sick Leave

Employees are entitled to paid sick leave as per their collective agreements or individual employment contracts that can be used on days when the employee is unable to perform their usual work due to physical or mental illness, disease or injury. The payment for sick leave cannot be less than the wage that the employee would have been entitled to receive for normal work on that day, including both bonus and overtime pay.

• Maternity Leave

Gambia grants paid maternity leave to all female employees who have been continuously employed for at least 2 years with the same employer or whose service has been interrupted by 1 or more periods not exceeding 7 months and who have worked for a total of at least 18 months with the same employer. Maternity leave is for 12 weeks with pay – 6 weeks before the expected date of delivery and 6 weeks after. Employees must give a notice to their employers of their wish to return to work after the leave. Employees must be placed in the same job with same benefits and entitlements as before. Any dismissal for the reason of pregnancy or having taken maternity leave is unfair and employers can be penalized for the same. 

• Paternity Leave

There are no provisions for paternity leave in Gambia.

Termination of Employment

• Notice Period

Indefinite term employment contracts can be terminated by giving a notice by either party. The duration of notice depends on the frequency of wage payment and how long the employee has been continuously employed, ranging from 1 day to 2 months. Employment contracts can determine longer notice periods that provided by the law. However, contracts that are made with shorter notice periods than those provided by the law are null and void. Contracts can be terminated by making a payment in lieu of the notice. In case of redundancy due to economic, organizational, climatic or technical reasons, minimum notice period is 6 months. The minimum notice period for terminating a fixed-term contract before its expiry is 14 days. 

• Severance Benefits

There are no provisions for severance benefits in Gambia. Employees made redundant are entitled to a redundancy payment worth 6 months' pay. All wages and benefits due to employees must be paid on the day of termination.