Denmark Geography, Culture, and Economy

Denmark is a Scandinavian country situated on the Jutland Peninsula and several islands, north of Germany. Covering an area of 42,916 km², Denmark is slightly larger than the Netherlands, or slightly less than twice the size of the US state of Massachusetts.

The country has a little less than 6 million people who speak Danish and some German. English is the predominant second language. Faroese is spoken in the Faroe Islands, Greenlandic in Greenland, as mentioned, both dependencies of the kingdom. Its capital and largest city is Copenhagen.

With one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world, Danes enjoy a high standard of living and the country ranks highly in some metrics of national performance, including education and health care. It has historically been one of the most socially progressive cultures in the world, being one of the first countries to both legalize pornography as well as same-sex partnerships and marriage. Some noted Danes of history are Tyco Brahe, Niels Bohr and Hans Christian Andersen.

April 1Maundy Thursday
April 2Good Friday
April 4Easter Sunday
April 5Easter Monday
April 30Great Prayer Day
May 1Labor Day / May Day
May 13Ascension Day
May 14Bank Holiday
May 23Whit Sunday
May 24Whit Monday
June 5Constitution Day
December 24Bank Holiday
December 25Christmas Day
December 262nd Christmas Day
December 31Bank Holiday
  • Enkeltmandsvirksomhed
  • Forening
  • I/S (Interessentskab)
  • IVS (Iværksætterselskab)
  • ApS (Anpartsselskab)
  • A/S (Aktieselskab)
  • K/S (Kommanditselskab)
  • P/S (Partnerselskab or Kommanditaktieselskab)
  • A.M.B.A. (Andelsselskab med begrænset ansvar)
  • F.M.B.A. (Forening med begrænset ansvar)
  • S.M.B.A. (Selskab med begrænset ansvar)
  • Erhvervsdrivende fond
  • G/S (Gensidigt selskab)
  • Corporate Tax: 22-25% (depending on business)
  • Income Tax (Lowest Marginal Rate): 39.8596% (34.63% for unemployed; first DKK46,000 / US$7,245 / €6,172 per year is deductible)
  • Income Tax (Highest Marginal Rate): 55.8584%
  • VAT/GST/Sales Tax: 25%
  • Finanstilsynet divides banks in size groups based on their working capital, with two additional groups for banks not based in Denmark (Local Bank)
  • Working capital DKK 65 billion or more. (Commercial Bank)
  • Danske Bank A/S (Commercial Bank)
  • Jyske Bank A/S (Commercial Bank)
  • Nordea Bank Danmark A/S (Commercial Bank)
  • Nykredit Bank A/S (Commercial Bank)
  • Sydbank A/S (Commercial Bank)
  • Working capital DKK 12 billion or more. (State Bank)
  • Alm. Brand Bank A/S (State Bank)
  • Arbejdernes Landsbank, Aktieselskab (State Bank)
  • Den Jyske Sparekasse (State Bank)
  • FIH Erhvervsbank A/S (State Bank)
  • Jutlander Bank A/S (State Bank)
  • Sparekassen Kronjylland (State Bank)
  • Lån & Spar Bank A/S (State Bank)
  • Ringkøbing Landbobank, Aktieselskab (State Bank)
  • Saxo Bank A/S (State Bank)
  • Sparekassen Sjælland (State Bank)
  • Spar Nord Bank A/S (State Bank)
  • Sparekassen Vendsyssel (State Bank)
  • Vestjysk Bank A/S (State Bank)
  • Working capital DKK 500 million or more. (Foreign Bank)
  • Basisbank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • BRFkredit Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Broager Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Coop Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Djurslands Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Dragsholm Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Dronninglund Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Ekspres Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Finansbanken A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Folkesparekassen (Foreign Bank)
  • Frørup Andelskasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Frøs Herreds Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Frøslev-Mollerup Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Fynske Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Grønlandsbanken, Aktieselskab (Foreign Bank)
  • Hals Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Hvidbjerg Bank Aktieselskab (Foreign Bank)
  • Kreditbanken A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Lægernes Pensionsbank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Landbrugets Finansieringsbank (LFB) (Foreign Bank)
  • Langå Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Lollands Bank, Aktieselskab (Foreign Bank)
  • Merkur, Den Almennyttige Andelskasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Middelfart Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Møns Bank, A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Nordfyns Bank Aktieselskabet (Foreign Bank)
  • Nordjyske Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Nørresundby Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Nr. Nebel og Omegn, Sparekassen for (Foreign Bank)
  • Østjydsk Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • PenSam Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Rise Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Rønde Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Salling Bank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Saxo Privatbank A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Skjern Bank, Aktieselskabet (Foreign Bank)
  • Sparekassen Balling (Foreign Bank)
  • Sparekassen Bredebro (Foreign Bank)
  • Sparekassen Djursland (Foreign Bank)
  • Sparekassen Faaborg A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Sparekassen Thy (Foreign Bank)
  • Totalbanken A/S (Foreign Bank)
  • Vorbasse-Hejnsvig Sparekasse (Foreign Bank)
  • Working capital DKK 500 million or less (Private Bank)
  • Andelskassen Fælleskassen (Private Bank)
  • Andelskassen OIKOS (Private Bank)
  • Borbjerg Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Fanø Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Faster Andelskasse (Private Bank)
  • Fjaltring-Trans Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Flemløse Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Klim Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Københavns Andelskasse (Private Bank)
  • Leasing Fyn Bank A/S (Private Bank)
  • Østervraa, J.A.K. Andelskassen (Private Bank)
  • PFA Udbetalingsbank (Private Bank)
  • Refsnæs Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Slagelse, Andelskassen J.A.K (Private Bank)
  • Søby-Skader-Halling Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Sønderhå-Hørsted Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Sparekassen Den lille Bikube (Private Bank)
  • Stadil Sparekasse (Private Bank)
  • Ulfborg Sparekasse (Private Bank)

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