How A Corporate Secretary Can Benefit Your Business

What is a Corporate Secretary?

A Corporate Secretary maintains corporate Board Meeting minutes, ensures the organization’s records are properly stored and maintained based on local and federal regulations, and also prepares and submits any filings required by the government. This individual is considered an officer on the Board of Directors, and their duties also include board collaboration and coordination of shareholder directories and registrations where applicable.

Why would our organization need Corporate Secretary services?

Entity registrations throughout the world have different in-country requirements in order to operate compliantly. Many governments require a company to have a Corporate Secretary as part of the Board of Directors. This individual is often required to be a local national residing in the country where the company is registered.

Common Responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary

  • Board/Shareholder Meetings
    • Coordination of annual meetings
    • Recording minutes of board/shareholder meetings
  • Record Keeping
    • Filing of annual confirmation statements
    • Maintaining and revising statutory registers
    • Maintaining the database or register of the beneficial owners and/or individuals of significant control
    • Gathering documents from the registrar
    • Seeking approvals or extension from the registrar, as requested
    • Tracking annual and event-based compliance events for the company

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