Located in the southeastern part of Europe, Bulgaria is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Greece, with the Black Sea on its eastern border. The capital and largest city is Sofia, with other major cities of Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. Its population is a primarily Slavonic-speaking, Orthodox Christian country, and also the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Although facing a high corruption problem, Bulgaria is part of the European Union and NATO. The country is also facing a precipitous drop in its fertility rate, with a current population of about 7 million, down from 9 million people in 1988.

Bulgaria has one of Europe’s richest biodiversities in terms of animal, bird and plant species, with several kinds of wild boar, jackals, partridges and fungal species. Bulgarian culture and cuisine have been influenced, over the centuries, by Turkish and Greek cultures, with yogurt, lukanka, banitsa, shopska salad, lyutenitsa and kozunak counted among the best-known local foods.

April 30Good Friday
May 1Holy Saturday
May 1Labor Day
May 2Easter Sunday
May 3Easter Monday
May 4Day off for Labor Day
May 6St. George’s Day
May 6St. George’s Day
May 24Culture and Literacy Day
September 6Unification Day
September 22Independence Day
December 24Christmas Eve
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Second day of Christmas
December 27Christmas holiday
December 28Christmas holiday
  • AD / АД (aktsionerno drujestvo / акционерно дружество)
  • ADSITs / АДСИЦ (aktsionerno druzhestvo sus spetsialna investitsionna tsel / акционерно дружество със специална инвестиционна цел)
  • EAD / ЕАД (ednolichno aktsionerno druzhestvo / еднолично акционерно дружество)
  • EOOD / ЕООД (ednolichno druzhestvo s ogranichena otgovornost / еднолично дружество с ограничена отговорност)
  • ET / ЕТ (ednolichen turgovetz / едноличен търговец)
  • OOD / ООД (drujestvo s ogranichena otgovornost / дружество с ограничена отговорност)
  • KD / КД (komanditno druzhestvo / командитно дружество)
  • KDA / КДА (komanditno druzhestvo s aktzii / командитно дружество с акции)
  • SD / СД (subiratelno druzhestvo / събирателно дружество
  • Corporate Tax: 10% (+ 5% on distribution of profit)
  • Income Tax (Lowest Marginal Rate): 10%
  • Income Tax (Highest Marginal Rate): 10% + 18% social security fund tax
  • VAT/GST/Sales Tax: 20%
  • UniCredit Bulbank (Commercial Bank)
  • DSK Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • First Investment Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • United Bulgarian Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • Eurobank Bulgaria (Commercial Bank)
  • Raiffeisenbank, Bulgaria (Commercial Bank)
  • Société Générale Expressbank (Commercial Bank)
  • Central Cooperative Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • CIBANK (Commercial Bank)
  • Piraeus Bank Bulgaria (Commercial Bank)
  • Allianz Bank Bulgaria (Commercial Bank)
  • Bulgarian Development Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • Investbank (Commercial Bank)
  • ProCredit Bank, Bulgaria (Commercial Bank)
  • Municipal Bank PLC (Commercial Bank)
  • International Asset Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • BNP Paribas S.A. – Sofia Branch (Commercial Bank)
  • D Commerce Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • TBI Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • Victoria Commercial Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (Foreign Bank)
  • Citibank Europe (Foreign Bank)
  • ING Bank N.V. (Foreign Bank)
  • Tokuda Bank (Foreign Bank)
  • T.C. Ziraat Bank (Foreign Bank)
  • IşBANK AG (Foreign Bank)

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