The Importance of Background Checks

Do you need to verify that your intended employee actually has the degrees they claim on their resume? Would you like to speak with the candidate’s references but don’t have time to make the calls yourself? Do you have an employee that now needs to drive a company vehicle as part of their daily job duties, but you need to verify they have a clean driving record?  There’s a background check for that – and we can help.

Background Checks come in many shapes and sizes and are a common checklist item in the hiring process. Sometimes you may need a single element of a check (via à la carte services) for an existing employee and other times you’ll need to order the entire menu for a new hire. Whatever your needs may be, we provide background check services in over 230 countries, territories and dependencies. 

You can count on us for timely, accurate, compliant, and cost-effective results.  Background checks are assembled based on your needs and can include Criminal, Individual Civil, Global Search, Education, Employment, and Reference Checks, and/or a Business Credit Report.

What are the differences between the background checks you offer and what do they investigate?

  • Criminal Background Checks
    • Criminal Records offering searches in over 200 countries. International criminal requests search for criminal records comparable to U.S. felonies, as well lesser violations when available.
  • Individual Civil Background Checks
    • This search is conducted at the local level through the court based on the jurisdiction of the city provided. Report may include case type, file date, case number, name of the court where the case was filed, plaintiff, defendant and disposition if a case can be located.
  • Global Search
    • Global search helps organizations meet terrorist-checking obligations now required by the U.S. Patriot Act. The search includes information from sources including; Most Wanted, Fugitive List, OFAC, Denied Persons and many more.
  • Education
    • This check verifies degrees, diplomas, certificates, and dates of attendance with universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools and high schools
  • Employment
    • This search will confirm an applicant’s employment history, including dates of employment and job titles. 
      • Also included in this search are details concerning the employee’s performance, rehire status, termination status (e.g., voluntary termination, rehire eligibility within an organization), and any other general comments gathered in the process of the employment verification process
  • Reference Checks
    • This service is conducted by experienced interviewers. They are tasked with reaching out to both personal and professional references provided by the candidate to review topics such as character, ability, competence, and work ethic among others

Do you assist in selecting the best background checks for my organization’s needs?

Of course. Not sure what checks you need? Don’t worry, we’re happy to discuss your options as well as provide you with a quote for all recommended services. We offer a committed single point of contact who will reach out to your candidates/employees to gather the necessary information and be your steward in the process.

How do I find out the cost and submit a request for background checks?

Ready to get started? Send us an email – Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  1. The country where you would like the check conducted
  2. Checks that you are interested in conducting;  In most countries we offer Criminal, Civil, Global Search, Verification of Education/Employment/References, and Business Credit Reports
  3. First and Last Name of individual
  4. Email Address of individual

Learn more about background checks and their importance here.

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