Facts About Child Labor in Bangladesh

Although a relatively small country geographically, Bangladesh has the eighth largest population in the world (168 million), a GDP of $274 billion, and a thriving export industry for manufactured goods, including textiles, electronics, leather, and jute. However, child labor is unfortunately still very prevalent and contributes to the success of Bangladesh’s economy thus far. Here […]

Understanding the Importance of Corporate Maintenance

The bigger your business grows, the more complicated it becomes to manage it. The complexity not only arises from running daily operations but in terms of governance as well. Just think about it. When you were a small startup, there were probably a handful of things you needed to handle. But, as your business progressed […]

How Multinational Companies Drive Change

Multinational companies face many challenges as they begin and maintain operations in new countries. Language barriers, business customs, and hiring new employees are just a few of the hurdles. Managing costs, maintaining compliance, and having a clear view of the overall operations is an ongoing struggle for most companies. But what makes global companies unique […]

5 Benefits of Doing Business in Thailand

If you are looking at Asia for your next business, the South East Asian kingdom of Thailand could be your best option. Thailand’s vibrant culture and sandy beaches make for a robust tourist industry. Establishing a business in Thailand could offer you numerous advantages – some of which we will be discussing here.

Technology and Working Remotely

The majority of my career has been in business-to-business sales. While I have worked in more than one industry, the one constant has been a continual evolution of how we interact with our prospective and current clients.

9 Pros and Cons of Doing Business in the Bahamas

A range of islands, a mere 50 miles off the Florida coast, make up The Bahamas. While the Bahamas is known for its blue oceans and sandy seashores, the region also has several other benefits and drawbacks to establishing a business there which we will be discussing here.

Employment and Labor Law in Australia

Australia is the world’s 6th largest country in land size. It is the largest country in Oceania, which comprises 14 independent nations (including New Zealand and other small Pacific island countries).

14 Cultural Tips for Your Singapore Startup

A lot of modern-day business is conducted in Southeast or East Asia. Entrepreneurs from all across the globe converge on nations like China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. These countries or nations, as well as their neighbors, are wealthy economic engines and play a crucial role in propelling trade with other countries across […]

Mexico’s New Labor Law Amendment On Outsourcing

In April of 2021, Mexico’s Federal Government amended several provisions of the Federal Labor Law. The goal of these amendments was to essentially prohibit employer subcontracting or “outsourcing,” which the law defines as “when a natural or legal person provides or makes available their own workers for the benefit of another.”

3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Address for Your Registered Office

Starting a business is an exciting time for young entrepreneurs and upcoming business people, but there are many things you need to consider before choosing a registered office. Most importantly, you need to consider acquiring investment, having a business model, and how you’re going to cater to your intended market.