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Working Conditions in New Zealand

Most of the reforms that caused New Zealand to be a welfare state were introduced in the 1930s and then in the 1970s under the rule of the Labor Party. The Labor Party managed to gain the ultimate support of the labor unions in New Zealand. Over time, New Zealand’s economy shifted towards being more […]

Challenges when Expanding into New Countries

Global expansion is always an exciting opportunity, but when it comes to setting up business entities, hiring employees, and getting payroll up and running, things can get complicated. There are several key aspects of starting up in a new country that are often overlooked and unique challenges in each country when expanding and hiring. Here […]

Labor Law Changes in Ethiopia

In 2019, the Ethiopian government approved a new Labor Proclamation to replace the old law that had been in place in Ethiopia for the past 16 years. However, over the years, there have been many changes in investments, labor markets, and the business environment in Ethiopia which warranted a renewed look at existing regulations and […]

2021 Global Payroll Trends

Technology, data security, and compliance will reshape 2021 Global Payroll Trends. Multinational companies faced unprecedented obstacles in 2020 and have had to make accommodations for employees around the world to keep up. New sick leave, furlough policies, and working environments have changed drastically over the last year and will continue into 2021. How can you […]

Labor Code in Bolivia

The labor code of Bolivia consists of lots of rules, some of which are fairly complicated. Hence, companies must consider professional legal advice and adapt to the regularly updated labor laws. Bolivia’s labor laws are overseen by their Ministry of Labor. Here are the latest changes to the labor code in Bolivia.

Time Off in Belgium

Need some time away from work? Learn about the generous time credit policies in Belgium in our latest What in the World? video.

Employment and Leave Laws in the Bahamas

Largely owing to its thriving tourism industry, the Bahamas has an inviting economy that makes this island country a great place in which to work and invest. The labor force participation rate for both men and women is quite high, and the government has designed comprehensive legislation to maintain favorable work conditions at all times. […]