Employment Laws in Albania

Regarding Employment Laws in Albania, all contracts of employment need to be in writing. However, if a contract is not in written form due to some special reason, the employer has seven days from the start of employment to ensure that a written contract is provided. If that is not done, an employer can be […]

Labor Code in Iceland

Known for its beautiful Northern Lights, Iceland is a small Nordic island nation known for its laws on freedom and equality for all citizens. In 2008, after having suffered a massive financial crisis, it became successful in increasing its GDP to $23 billion by 2017. Iceland is a country primarily supported by fisheries and manufacturing […]

HR Technology Conference

This year is different in so many ways, and we have had to make challenging decisions and changes to the way we work. Trade shows and events have evolved as a result, with most conferences moving to virtual events. One of the largest industry conferences of the year, HR Technology Conference and Expo, has moved […]

Armenia Employment and Labor Laws

Armenia Employment and Labor Laws can be strict and extensive. Local, as well as foreign entrepreneurs who wish to avail the business opportunities in the country, must ensure that they fully understand and adhere to the labor law in Armenia.