What is a Registered Office or Registered Address?

A Registered Address, or Registered Office, is considered an entity’s official address where formal government correspondence and other company mailings can be sent and confirmed as received by the organization. This engagement is a common option for companies that don’t have physical space rented yet need to establish a formalized corporate address. A local address, one with a physical presence, is a common requirement for corporate establishment. Electing to choose a registered address or office precludes the company from renting property to operate compliantly.

Not familiar with Registered Offices/Addresses? Here’s a real-life international expansion example:

Acme, Inc. operates in the United States. They would like to expand their reach and open an entity in the United Kingdom. The UK government requires them to have a physical address in the United Kingdom to complete the entity registration. Acme, Inc. only employs two individuals and does not need to rent an office since all their employees will be working from home. However, the UK government needs a local address on file for their corporate setup. The Registered Office/Address can be the perfect solution without forcing the company to rent physical office space that wouldn’t otherwise be needed, thus avoiding an unnecessary financial burden to their new UK entity. While there would be monthly/annual costs associated with a Registered Office/Address, these bills would pale compared to the amount needed each month to rent space, pay utility bills, insurances, etc. Having an address in the form of a Registered Office/Address also permits companies, when the address isn’t required for a company formation, to offer perks like supplemental benefit plans that cannot coordinate without a local address.

What Services Can I Expect When I Set Up a Registered Office/Address?

On average, when you sign up for a Registered Office/Address, you will be able to use it as your company’s official mailing address. The service fee you pay each month/year secures the address, and you can have mail forwarded and scanned to a contact within the business throughout the year. Services and volume of mail expected vary from country to country and among providers. For example, there may be a fee each month covering 1-5 pieces of official mail, a higher fee structure available if you expect to receive more documents, and so on. 

Need more than just an address? Virtual Offices can provide Registered Office/Address services, but their services are wider in scope.

What is a Virtual Office?   

A Virtual Office is a service provided where a company can lease space and purchase various services for their organization when a company, for example, does not want to lease an entire building, floor, or office suite. Virtual Offices give companies flexible solutions to meet corporate needs. 

What are Some of the Services a Virtual Office Can Provide?

Virtual Offices act as the physical mailing address for your company as well as providing services such as:

  • Phone answering services
  • Meeting/Conference rooms
  • Videoconferencing capability
  • Coworking spaces
  • Occasional office space for employees to work in the office/flex space
    • Dedicated office space can also be arranged

Many virtual office companies have space in different cities, states, and countries based on their network – this allows you to use space when and where you need it. Of course, this depends on your contract and how much you are willing to (and need to) invest in your office space needs.

Learn more about forming a registered business entity by clicking here

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