Located off the Southern Coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth biggest island in the world. Due to its geographic isolation, the island is famous for its distinct plants and wildlife found nowhere else on the planet. Madagascar is famous for its lemurs which have thrived in that location due to a lack of competition from other species. This varied flora and fauna faces endangerment from human development and interaction, with almost 90% of its forested area already lost to agricultural practices that are native to the inhabitants. Forestry, agriculture, and fishing are the mainstay of Madagascar economy, which accounts for over one-fourth of the nation’s GDP and for employing about 80% of the entire population. Madagascar has also experienced political instability including a coup, disputed elections, and violent unrest.

Madagascar has a population of 25 million with major ethnic groups including Malayo-Indonesian, Cotiers, Indian, French, Comoran, and Creole. Most Malagasy are multi-ethnic, reflecting the nation’s diversity. The primary languages of Madagascar include both French and Malagasy and the majority of its people are Christians, Muslim, or Indigenous religionists.

March 29Martyrs’ Day
April 5Easter Monday
May 1Labor Day
May 13Ascension Day
May 13Eid al-Fitr
May 24Whit Monday
June 26Independence Day
August 15Assumption of Mary
November 1All Saints’ Day
December 11Republic Day
December 25Christmas Day
  • Limited Liability
  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Corporate Tax: N/A
  • Income Tax (Lowest Marginal Rate): N/A
  • Income Tax (Highest Marginal Rate): N/A
  • VAT/GST/Sales Tax: N/A
  • Access Bank plc (Commercial Bank)
  • Bank Negara Indonesia (Commercial Bank)
  • Bank of Africa (Commercial Bank)
  • BGFIBank Group (Commercial Bank)
  • MCB Madagascar (Commercial Bank)
  • Société Générale (Commercial Bank)
  • State Bank of Mysore (Commercial Bank)
  • OTIV de la province de Toamasina Zone Littoral (Commercial Bank)
  • Bank of Africa (Commercial Bank)
  • Caisse d’épargne de crédit mutuel agricole (CECAM) (Commercial Bank)
  • Banque Malgache de L’ocean Indien (Commercial Bank)
  • OTIV DIANA (Commercial Bank)
  • BFV-Societe Generale (Commercial Bank)
  • Bank Negara Indonesia (Commercial Bank)
  • State Bank of Mysore (Commercial Bank)
  • Mauritius Commercial Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • Tahiry Ifamonjena Amin’ny Vola (TIAVO) (Commercial Bank)
  • Action pour le Développement et le Financement des micro-entreprises (ADéFi) (Commercial Bank)
  • Access Bank (Commercial Bank)
  • Association d’épargne et de crédit autogérée (AECA) (Commercial Bank)
  • BGFIBank Madagascar (Commercial Bank)
  • OTIV Antananarivo (Commercial Bank)
  • Banque Industrielle et Commerciale de Madagascar (Commercial Bank)
  • OTIV Zone Alaotra Mangoro (Commercial Bank)
  • OTIV SAVA (Commercial Bank)
  • Madagascar Microfinance Bank (Commercial Bank)

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